Taoyuan School Cancels Classes After Positive Case 桃機航警孫子確診 就讀幼兒園停課14天

Another Taoyuan student tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after schools reopened. This student lives with his grandfather, a police officer at the Aviation Police Bureau headquartered working at Taoyuan International Airport who previously tested positive. The student's kindergarten has suspended classes for 14 days and over 300 students and teachers were tested.

Another Taoyuan student tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after schools resumed classes. On Feb. 15, a police officer at the Aviation Police Bureau headquartered at Taoyuan International Airport tested positive and was listed as Case No. 19763. His grandson, who lives with him, was identified as a contact and tested. The test came back positive. Taoyuan's Department of Education immediately notified the student's kindergarten, and classes were suspended for 14 days and 331 teachers and students were tested, along with parents.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Mayor, Taoyuan City: “The epidemic investigation and contact tracing identified his grandson, who lives with him. He also tested positive. The Department of Education therefore notified his kindergarten this morning and the entire school was tested.”

Parent: “(What time did the school notify you?) Around 8 a.m. (What did the school tell you?) They said someone… (Someone tested positive). Yes. (So why are you here today?) To get tested.”

Parent: “(Now you have to take your two kids home.) Yes. We all just got tested. (Now that you've been tested, what are you going to do?) All I can do is stay with them at home.”

The city recently revoked enhanced disease prevention measures, and its regulations are now in line with the central government's Level 2 alert. Swimming pools and attached facilities, including saunas and steam rooms, have reopened. The provision requiring restaurants to cut their seating in half was also revoked, and karaoke equipment can be used again. Restaurant proprietors say business fell by 50 to 60 percent during the time the enhanced measures were in place.

Mr. Huang, Restaurant Owner: “This is good news for those of us in the restaurant business. However, we can't relax. We still need to comply with the government's regulations and enforce the contact registration system, disinfect with alcohol, and require people to be masked up when out of their seats.”

Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan said there are still unclear infection sources, and health monitoring inside communities needs to continue. Testing sites at Zhonglu Park in Taoyuan District and Zhongzheng Park in Zhongli District will remain open.