Bank Infection Cluster Increases to 14 Cases 聯邦健行分行群聚擴大 累計14例確診

The cluster infection at Zhongli's Union Bank Chienshin Branch continues to expand, as the number of confirmed cases has now risen to 14. Over 3,000 people who visited the bank have been listed and will get tested. 

Union Bank's Chienshin Branch in Zhongli District was still closed during normal operating hours due to the confirmed diagnosis of many of its staff. After closing for a day for disinfection, it was still closed on the 13th. Some people came to the bank but left empty handed.

Citizen: “It's 9 o'clock and the door hasn't opened yet. (Have you heard that some staff here have been diagnosed with the virus?) I don't know (would be very worried). I have seen it and yes, I'm very scared.”

Bank Staff: “We will not be officially open today.”

Bank employees arrived at the bank one after another. Only some of the lights were turned on. There were constantly cleaning vehicles spraying disinfection around the bank. It was because a residential caregiver confirmed with COVID-19 had visited here. Twelve employees have also become confirmed cases since testing started on the 12th. Now, there is another positive case.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Taoyuan Mayor: “A bank employee's test came back positive after the Central Epidemic Command Center issued their press release. Another family member who was being traced was also diagnosed with the virus.”

There are already 14 confirmed cases related to the Union Bank branch. The branch previously held a year-end banquet at a restaurant in Zhongli on January 7th. The restaurant is currently closed and the city government launched a contact tracing overnight.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Taoyuan Mayor: “We investigated the restaurant's staff overnight yesterday. We reviewed data on 26 people. 82 other guests ate at the restaurant on the same day. That's a total of 108 people we are investigating for the first round of tracing.”

As the number of confirmed cases in Zhongli continued to increase, there was a crowd of people queuing up at the testing station in Longgang playground early in the morning, filling up the entire square. The epidemic in Taoyuan continued to spread and people are feeling increasingly insecure. The central government has to fully prepare for the war to prevent the epidemic from spreading again. 





民眾說:「已經9點了,還沒有開門(有沒有聽說這裡有行員確診)不知道啊 (會很擔心)我有看到 會啊,會很害怕。」