Taiwan and Japan Hold 2+2 Talks, Also Discussing Fukushima Food 台日2+2會談 討論外交.經濟.福島食品

The second "two plus two" talks between Taiwan and Japan's ruling parties took place to discuss diplomatic and economic issues. Both sides agree to hold regular dialogue in the future.

The "two plus two" talks between Taiwan and Japan's ruling parties, was originally expected to be an hour's video conference. It was extended by 40 minutes due to the heated discussions between the two sides. The Japanese representatives included Masahisa Sato, head of the Liberal Democratic Party's Department of Foreign Affairs, and Akimasa Ishikawa, head of the party's Department of Economics and Trade. The DPP was represented by legislators Lo Chih-Cheng and Chiu Chih-Wei. Lo said in the press conference after the meeting that Japan's LDP welcomes Taiwan's participation in the CPTPP. As for allowing imports of food from the Fukushima area, he emphasized the discussions should be based on scientific evidence.

Lo Chih-Cheng, Legislator (DPP): “This is a food safety issue and we must use a scientific basis as a focus of discussion. I don't think the two sides have any different views on this. I believe the Taiwanese people are also concerned that this is a food safety issue. But it should be based on science as an objective basis. There was no mention between the two sides regarding a timetable.”

According to Lo, Sato took out custard apples and Ishikawa took out mandarin oranges at the beginning of the meeting to show support for Taiwan's agriculture as both fruits are from Taiwan. Chiu also revealed that there will be more cooperation between Taiwan and Japan in the semiconductor supply chain in the future.

Chiu Chih-Wei, Legislator (DPP): “I think we must think from the perspective of national strategy regarding Taiwan and Japan's future cooperation in the semiconductor supply chain. Both sides agree to cooperate more in the semiconductor supply chain going forward. We agree there must be a complete architecture and system for semiconductors cooperation or other industries. All-round cooperation in industries that our two countries value and target.”

This is the second time that the DPP and the LDP have held "two plus two" talks. The last time was at the end of August this year when discussions on diplomatic and national defense issues were held. Both sides agree to hold regular dialogue in the future.