Wang Says Military Should Focus on Combat Training 拜習會推戰略穩定對話 軍方:做好戰訓本務

On the 16th, police caught a man who used a fake ID to get onto a naval base a few days earlier. Lawmakers want to know if the man, a retired colonel, went to the base to steal money or steal information. They also criticized the military's negligence. 

In response, Deputy National Defense Minister Wang Shin-lung admitted such a thing should never have happened and said security protocols would be strengthened.

Wang Shin-lung, Deputy National Defense Minister: “We don't believe he got any information. That's what we know at this stage.”

US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to "look to begin to carry forward the discussion on strategic stability" in a recent virtual meeting. When asked whether it will affect the cross-strait status, Wang said the military should focus on combat training. Lawmakers then asked him about the recent visit of a group of US congresspersons and what was discussed during a meeting at the ministry.

Wang Shin-lung, Deputy National Defense Minister: “They visited the ministry. We just talked about support for our ministry's affairs. That's all.  ”
Chen I-hsin, Legislator (KMT): “Do not whitewash things.There were four senators and two representatives.  They arrived in Taiwan out of the blue just to say hello. Then they left. That's it? How is the ministry going to hold itself accountable in front of the nation?”

Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. held a networking event for F-16 repair companies on the 16th. Vice Premier Shen Jong-chin is being blasted for violating administrative neutrality and promoting the government's referendum platforms at the event.

Fang Mao-hung, Deputy National Defense Minister: “The board represents the Ministry of Economic Affairs. We are the side making the request. ”

Johnny Chiang, Legislator (KMT): “You have the vice premier practicing jobbery. You are violating administrative neutrality on public time using public resources. The vice premier was definitely pressured by someone above him.”

As for the recent F-5E fighter jet accident and reported delays in the installation of new ejection seats, the Air Force says it is trying to negotiate with the Central Epidemic Command Center to exempt foreign technicians from quarantine regulations and the first seats should be installed in December.