Shops in Taipei and News Taipei Forced Closed for COVID Disinfection 確診行徑現蹤 雙北商家關門消毒

IKEA and Costco stores in Taipei's Neihu District both closed for one day after a confirmed case visited the stores. Meanwhile, two automobile service stations were ordered to close for two days after their technicians got infected and had all the employees get tested.

Employees maintain social distancing as they wait in line to get their temperatures checked and their hands disinfected. They also had to show negative PCR test results before they were allowed to clock in. Two technicians at Yuyi Motors and Shung Ye Motors' Taishan service station in New Taipei City were recently infected by a driver who came to get a car repaired. 

New Taipei City ordered the companies to test all their employees, but the companies refused to do so. The station was ordered to close for two days and resumed services on July 15. One of the companies said there was a misunderstanding, and its 126 employees all tested negative.

Cheng An-ting, Deputy GM, After-Sales Service Dept., Yuyi Motors:”Thank you to the New Taipei City Government's Economic Development Department and Department of Health, as well as Taishan District, for all the assistance and guidance they gave us. If we didn't have them, we wouldn't have been able to resume work today.”

He I-ming, Director, Econ. Development Dept., New Taipei City:”We hope they can promptly provide a map of how employees are distributed and their work schedules. This information can help our district office to accurately investigate the infections.”

The company identified 77 customers who were potential contacts. Meanwhile, the New Taipei City Government sent personnel to the station to inspect whether disease prevention measures were in place following the resumption of work. It also asked the two companies to conduct another round of PCR tests on July 20 and July 27, respectively. 

National Taiwan University College of Public Health professor Chan Chang-chuan recently said the lockdown could have ended long ago should the authority apply the"accurate testing" method used by Changhua County in 2020. On July 15, New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih replied that the situation has been brought under control with its own "powerful tests" and "accurate investigations" methods.

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor:”Tests at the community level are playing a very important role. During this time, we have tested 185,000 people. We found 1,228 asymptomatic cases.”

In other news, a confirmed case visited the IKEA and Costco stores in Taipei's Neihu District. The city's Department of Health says the outside of the stores has already been disinfected. IKEA posted on Facebook that because a confirmed case had been in the store, it would close for one day on July 15 to conform with the government's investigation. 




裕益汽車售後服務處副總經理 鄭安定:「謝謝新北市政府經發局。衛生局還有泰山區,他們真的給我們很多的協助跟指導,所以真的今天如果沒有他們,我們可能沒辦法這麼快的復工。」

新北市經濟發展局長 何怡明:「希望能夠即時提供,




新北市長 侯友宜:「社區的篩檢扮演一個,非常重要關鍵角色,在這段時間篩了18萬5千人,找到大部分都是無症狀確診者有1228人。」