Kang Hsuan Apologizes amid Whistleblower Incident|吹哨者疑被離職 勞資和解康軒致歉

Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group and the female employee who was pressured to quit her job at the company after she was suspected as the whistleblower, agreed to settle on October 12. Although Kang Hsuan issued a statement and apologized, the National Federation of Teachers Union believed the whole incident was Chairperson Lee Wan-chi's fault and demanded a more sincere apology.

Although Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group and a former female employee who was asked to quit have reached a settlement, its whistleblower controversy continues. The National Federation of Teachers Union criticized that the company's apology is "insincere" to the female employee and to the general public. The Union also has issues as the statement compares its chairperson to "student" when it says it wants to hear stories from both sides.

The Chairperson of Kang Hsuan is definitely not a student, he represents a corporate. It is unbelievable that senior staffs of a company said that they weren't aware of an announcement that was posted at the front of the elevators.

NTFU pointed out the apology was only an act of patronizing the public. Chairperson of Kang Hsuan, Lee Wan-chi was the one who ordered to uncover the whistleblower in the first place. Also, the bullying notice couldn't be posted in the elevator for two days without prior approval from higher executives. Boycott messages also flooded the company's Facebook page, with parents saying they would not buy from Kang Hsuan ever. One even said sarcastically that the company could publish a book called "Start Bullying Young."

We still urge the Chairperson of Kang Hsuan to come forward and deal with the problem. He could even apologize personally to the general public and tell the students that it was a bad example.

The National Alliance of Parents Organization (NAPO) urged Lee Wan-chi to come forward and explain the incident personally as it might serve as a positive teaching material for students. When asked about if it will boycott the company, the NAPO said it has not made any decisions for now. The NTFU, on the other hand, said it would carry out preliminary boycott actions tomorrow if Lee does not apologize. It also promised that students' right to education will not be affected.


全教總理事長 侯俊良表示:「康軒董事長,他絕對不是學生,他是一個企業。竟然公司的高層,還可以講說,張貼在那邊,那個電梯口這樣子。兩天的一個整體的文字,他們是不知情的。」


全家盟理事長 彭淑燕表示:「我們還是會呼籲康軒董座,要出來面對他自己的問題。甚至如果,他可以跟社會大眾作個道歉,然後跟學子們說,其實這是一個不好的示範。」