Ready for By-election? Chen Says His Graduation is Tomorrow|參加雄中畢典 陳其邁:明天會有我的畢典

Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai said his "graduation ceremony" is around the corner, hinting that he would resign from his post and run in the Kaohsiung mayoral by-election. On the other side, councilor Huang Shao-ting said he is willing to shoulder the responsibility if the Kuomintang recruits him.

Good morning, fellow students, how is everyone? Hello, Mayor.

At the Kaohsiung Senior High School's graduation ceremony, students welcomed Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai by holding his old headshots and banners from the previous mayoral election. With a big smile on his face, Chen gave a hint that he would be running for the Kaohsiung mayoral by-election.

Today's graduation ceremony is another new beginning. I will have my own graduation ceremony tomorrow as well. As your alumnus, I believe my previous failure (at the 2018 mayoral election) can serve as a valuable lesson, especially when you face challenges along the way.

Chen also urged the potential nominee from the Kuomintang to "show determination," suggesting he or she should also resign from the current post.

I hope my rival from the KMT party, no matter who is participating in the election, needs to show his or her determination.

After KMT City Councilor Li Ya-ching expressed the willingness to run for the Kaohsiung Mayoral by-election, Councilor Huang Shao-ting has also expressed the desire to run if the party decides to recruit him. However, Huang was sarcastic upon hearing Chen's remark about resigning the current post to run for the mayor.

I think if the party needs me, I will bravely take on the responsibility. According to the past experience, I believe Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai will still have a job regardless of the election result because that's what DPP does when it is the ruling party.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has officially posted the announcement for the Kaohsiung mayoral by-election. The candidates would need to complete their registrations from June 20th to 24th and submit a deposit of NT$2 million. The result of who will be running for the by-election will be revealed on June 24th.

行政院副院長 陳其邁:「同學,大家早安!大家好!(市長好。)」


行政院副院長 陳其邁表示:「今天的畢業典禮,又是一個新的開始,明天我也會有我的畢業典禮,我相信,能夠在未來面對挑戰的時候,我當各位的墊背,有一個更慘的叫陳其邁,是我們雄中的學長。」


行政院副院長 陳其邁表示:「我也希望國民黨的對手,不管任何人要參選,也能夠展現參選的決心。」

國民黨這邊,繼市議員李雅靖表態有參選意願之後,黃紹庭也表明願意接受黨的徵召 ,但對辭去議員,反酸陳其邁。

國民黨高雄市議員 黃紹庭表示:「我想如果需要我的話,我會勇敢承擔。中央執政,以過去民進黨的慣例,不管結果怎麼樣,我相信陳其邁副院長,都還是有位置可以回去。」