Triple Stimulus Vouchers Exclude Most Forms of E-commerce|三倍券排除電商 "線上付費.實體消費"可適用

The government's decision to exclude E-commerce in its "Triple Stimulus Voucher" scheme has sparked some discussions. In response, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said it will expand the scheme to include "online payments for physical activities", such as sports and cultural events. Meanwhile, online shops run by social welfare organizations are also likely to be included.

People can pre-order the triple stimulus voucher which turns one thousand dollars into three thousand dollars on July 1 and start buying beginning July 15.

Minister of Economic Affairs Shen Jong-chin explains how to use "triple stimulus voucher" in a video and additional offers and discounts put forward by different platforms. While some netizens have been vocal about their willingness to buy a voucher for $1,450, Shen recommends consumers to make the most out of the voucher by using it rather than reselling it.

You can turn NT$3000 into something bigger. Don't let their triple stimulus voucher be acquired for NT$1,450. You lose money this way, like you were scammed.

Meanwhile, the Ministry's decision to exclude E-commerce from the voucher scheme has sparked criticism. The Executive Yuan has thus expanded the applicable conditions to include "online payments for physical consumption", including arts and culture, sports, and travel industry for the time being. Those run by social welfare and disability organizations, such as Children are Us Foundation and Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation, are also likely to be included.

We don't have a physical store in Eastern Taiwan, such as Hualien and Taitung. But many local residents want to help us out by making public welfare consumption.

As more and more people have been turning to ride-hailing apps for their daily commute, online taxi booking service is included in the program as well.

Did you book the service online?

However, the Taxi Dispatch Industry Association said the voucher is only applicable to legal taxi service industry, thus excluding Uber, as its taxation registration falls under the E-commerce category.

Because Uber did not apply for the taxi booking platform license. If the company can register under the Taxi Transportation Service Industry as soon as possible, then it would fall under the taxi category.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs stressed that it is still holding cross-departmental discussion on the list of applicable industries for the triple stimulus vouchers, but it won't deviate much from the "online payments for physical consumption" principle.

經濟部長 沈榮津:「一千變三千的三倍券,7月1號預購綁定,7月15號買起來。」


經濟部長 沈榮津:「三千變更大,不要讓他們的三倍券,被人家用1450收,這樣會賠錢,很像被詐騙。」


喜憨兒基金會公共事務處長 胡玉芳表示:「像我們在東部,花蓮、台東都沒有設點,那很多這個地方的朋友,也很想要幫助我們,然後來做公益消費。」




計程車派遣產產業協會秘書長 曾弘義表示:「因為他是沒有申請,計程車叫車平台的執照啦!請他趕快申請,合法的計程車客運服務業嘛!那就是在計程車範圍。」