Heavy Rain and Thunderstorm Nationwide |梅雨鋒面報到 週二起各地嚴防陣雨.雷雨

As the first typical plum rain front of this year continue to move closer to Taiwan, heavy rains and thunderstorms can be expected, with rain forecasted for the whole week, nationwide. However, it's unfortunate that during the weekend, after a thunderstorm struck the mountainous areas in central Taiwan, a hiker was found dead on the hiking trail.

More than 10 police officers and volunteer firemen are using manpower to move a man down the mountain at the Dakeng number 3 hiking trail in Taichung.

We are going downhill now.

The narrow hiking trail forced the police and volunteers to pass through slowly. At 4pm on May 16th, a man was found lying on the hiking trail without any heartbeat and breathing. The person who found him called 119 immediately.

The person thought the man was struck by thunder as a thunderstorm was striking the mountainous areas in central Taiwan. However, the man was found to have abdominal bleeding but no signs of burning, which are usually the result of a lightning strike.

If the man were struck by lightning, he would have had signs of burning with one or two conductive entry and exit sights.

Despite rescue efforts, the man was pronounced dead. Police officers and firefighters said the best way to avoid being struck by lightning is to be far away from the mountaintop, deserted places with solitary trees, water surfaces, caves and cliffs. It is better to stay in lowland areas or in the forest. If it is possible, go hiking early in the day and pay attention to the weather forecast before you go.

The Central Weather Bureau also reminds the public that the weather is going to be unstable nationwide starting from Tuesday.

A northern front is gradually approaching Taiwan, and it will continue to affect Taiwan for the whole week starting from Tuesday. This stationary front will linger on top of Taiwan for the duration and bring unstable atmospheric conditions.

Combining the Southwest wind, there is going to be heavy rain or thunderstorms nationwide as the first stationary front of the plum rain season approaches. Everyone needs to watch out for dramatic changes in weather conditions.





東山消防分隊小隊長 張健峯表示:「雷擊的話,他會有那種灼傷的現象,可能會有一、兩個導電的進口跟出口。」



氣象局預報員 謝佩芸表示:「隨著北方鋒面逐漸接近台灣,從禮拜二,一直到幾乎禮拜二之後的一整週的時間,這個滯留鋒面,都會持續在台灣的上空擺盪,會為台灣帶來很不穩定的大氣環境。」