Chiayi Calls to Health Centers as Mask Distributed Points|偏鄉缺健保藥局 嘉縣盼開放衛生所售口罩

Since the new mask purchasing system took place, it's particularly inconvenient for people living in rural areas. In Dapu Township, because there are no NHI-contracted pharmacies, masks had to be distributed at the public health center instead.

On the first day of the name-based surgical mask rationing system taking effect, a large crowd has formed in front of the only drug store in Fanlu Township, Chiayi County at seven o'clock in the morning. Despite the early line-up, many still didn't get their hands on the surgical masks due to their limited quantity.

Even if I get two masks in my next trip, I'd need to wear a mask to make that trip. And if I miss the masks again, I'd used more masks then I can get.

Since there is large demand for surgical masks, I hope the government to release more so that more residents can get their hands on the masks.

Four rural townships in Chiayi County, including Fanlu, Dongshi, Liujiao and Alishan, all have one National Health Insurance Administration contracted pharmacy or drug store each. In order to alleviate the mask shortage and better distribute the masks, some stores gave out numbers to the residents waiting in line. However, in the local Dapu Township, there is not a single NHI-contracted drug store. People have instead lined up neatly in front of the local health center for masks.

Most of the residents are used to visiting this health center for any medical needs. After hearing that the surgical masks would be sold at the health center, they have all gathered outside to ask and purchase.

Before the mask rationing policy went online, we have reported to the central government that we would need more points, or that we need to provide more health centers for the public to buy masks. The central government has their own plan and schedule, and we'll continue to communicate with them.

The Chiayi Health Bureau said that it will record and report how many people line up at local drug stores, and will inform the central government of any need to increase the number of masks available in order to make sure more can get their hands on the masks.



藥局藥師 蕭博勝表示:「口罩它徵用的數量多的話,我希望政府,可以給民眾的數量更多,讓民眾他真的可以購買得到。」


嘉義縣大埔鄉衛生所主任 陳永儒表示:「山上他們長久以來,就習慣來我們這邊衛生所,提供服務,那所以民眾知道,有衛生所有可以賣口罩的時候,他們也都瞭解說,要來這邊詢問跟購買。」

嘉義縣衛生局代理局長 趙紋華表示:「這個政策要上線之前,我們也有跟中央來做反應,是不是可以來提供更多的一個點,然後或是說開放我們其它衛生所,來做一個發放。因為目前中央他在規劃上,有它一定政策跟時程,所以我們還會持續,來跟中央做一個反應。」


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