Students at Yunlin Elementary School Write to Santas|老師指導學童 寫信給聖誕老人獲回應

To motivate students to learn English, a teacher at Yunlin's Zhennan Elementary School assisted her students to write letters and mail them to Santas in Germany, Slovenia, France and Canada.

The letters and cards are all mailed from Santa's in other countries, who describe their work and life. In an effort to help students learn English and to celebrate Christmas, a teacher at Yunlin's Zhenna Elementary School helped students write letters to Santa Clauses in countries like Canada and Germany. The students received their return mails recently.

I'd like to taste the chocolate from other countries so I hope Santa can mail me some chocolates.
I asked him (in the letter) about the local weather.

(In their return letters), the Santa talks about their work and they asked the students to make sure their behaviors are good so they can receive Christmas presents.

Officials at Zhennan Elementary School said that in order to fall in line with Yunlin County's policy, which emphasizes on a more international, bilingual education, the teacher guided the students to write letters to foreign countries, and the parents will raise money to buy presents to gift to all the children at the school.

We'll mobilize the only cement mixer truck in Taiwan to bring all the gifts, which include bicycles, stationery, Legos and board games. We hope all the children could have a good time at Christmas.

The school said that they have also promoted students to donate at the local Yixin Children's Home in exchange for capsule toys. The school said they hope children can learn to share and help others in need through their Christmas experience.




斗六鎮南國小老師 翁文燕表示:「(回信)介紹一下,聖誕老人的工作內容,要小朋友就是乖乖、當乖小孩,就是可以收到聖誕禮物。」


斗六鎮南國小校長 梁博雍表示:「全台唯一的扭蛋車,要來送禮,裡面都有兌換券,包括腳踏車,還有一些文具,和樂高的一些智慧遊戲,讓孩子能夠度過快樂聖誕節。」


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