Taiwan NGOs Join Protests Against HK Extradition Law|NGO團體力挺"反送中"示威 在台港生聲援

The Hong Kong government is currently trying to pass a bill that would allow extradition to China. The second reading of the bill by the Legislative Council was scheduled for June 12, but was delayed due to a mass protest by the locals in Hong Kong which included mass demonstrations and strikes, while non-governmental organizations from Taiwan also joined in the protest in front of the Hong Kong representative office in Taipei.

The Hong Kong Legislative Council's second reading of the extradition bill was postponed due to a mass protest on the 12th that brought Hong Kong to a standstill. Civic groups from Taiwan gathered outside the Hong Kong Economic,Trade and Cultural office in Taipei and voiced concerns about ROC citizens being accused of breaking a law and being extradited to China when they enter Hong Kong in the future.

Its real purpose is manufacturing a chilling effect that makes the people of Hong Kong afraid they could be sent to China to be tried and the people of Taiwan afraid they could be sent to China to be tried if they enter Hong Kong.

It's today's Hong Kong and today's Taiwan. We are jointly facing the expansion of China's authoritarianism. We are both the front line of defense against the expansion of China's authoritarianism.

Everyone can clearly see the extradition bill violates human rights and the will of the people of Hong Kong. This is why the entire world has turned out to oppose the bill.

Causeway Bay Books owner Lam Wing-kee was on hand along with Taiwanese college students, while close to 200 Hong Kong students currently going to school in Taiwan gathered at the scene as well.

We want to urge the government of Hong Kong to release the youths that are being detained for protesting as soon as possible. They didn't break the law. They were only taking part in citizen protests.

The passage of the extradition bill would not only affect the rights of Hong Kong's people, but also all ROC citizens traveling to Hong Kong who would be in danger of being sent to China for trial.

The civic groups are calling on Taiwan's legislature, which will convene for an extraordinary session on the 17th, to issue a statement on the bill's impact on Taiwanese people's human rights. They also called on lawmakers to reassess the Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong and Macao Affairs and reevaluate all investment applications from Hong Kong.


經濟民主連合召集人 賴中強表示:「他真正的目的,就是要製造一個寒蟬效應,讓香港人擔心,會移送到中國受審,讓台灣人擔心,進出香港,會被移送到中國受審。」

島國前進發起人 林飛帆表示:「是今日香港,今日台灣,因為我們共同在面對的,是中國的威權擴張,我們都在中國威權擴張的,第一道防線上面。」

銅鑼灣書店老闆 林榮基表示:「送中條例現在大家看的很清楚,是違反人權的,是違反香港人的意願的,所以我們你看,全世界都出來反對這個送中條例,不只銅鑼灣書店老闆林榮基到場聲援,台灣的大學生也到場關注,現場更聚集了近兩百名在台港生到場,關心香港的修法進度。」

在台港生及畢業生逃犯條例關注組發言人 何泳彤表示:「我們想要呼籲香港政府,儘快釋放這一些因為反抗,因為出來抗爭而被抓的青年人,他們不是犯法,他們是公民抗議。」

台大學生會長 吳奕柔表示:「送中條例的通過,不只是影響著香港人權益,同時台灣人未來到香港,也會有可能透過這樣的一個條例,被送往中國進行審判。」