Taipei City mayor Ke Wen-je's recent comments also seemed at odds with the Central government. Speaking about the one fixed day off and one flexible rest day controversy, Ke said his stance is in line with Tainan City Mayor William Lai , urging the central government to introduce more flexibility when implemented or simply amending the law. He said he had discussed the issue with DPP Caucus Convener Ker Chien-ming, in the hope to handle this controversial issue as soon as possible. One more month to go, the 2017 Summer Universaide will start its competitions in Taipei. Mayor Ko Wen-je participated in the Social Enterprise Insights Forum Opening Ceremony. Ko exchanged with hundreds of enterprise representatives on how to create a more friendly environment and motivate the society for a positive development. When mentioning the Forward-looking Infrastructural Development Program, Ko said that it's time for President Tsai to worry on the enforcement. ==KO WEN-JE, Taipei Mayor and HOST== If I talk about the Forward-looking Program, you surely will become more anxious. Talking about the program…maybe… I think the President's Office is anxious. Also, the amendment of "one fixed day off and one flexible rest day" has provoked controversies from the public. Tainan Mayor William Lai urges the central government for a quick amendment. Mayor Ko also supports rectification to the amendment. ==KO WEN-JE Taipei City Mayor== If people think there are difficulties on enforcing the law, we should amend the law. We should not just leave the law there and do nothing. I feel that if we continue to be like this for long years, Taiwanese people's respect to the law is getting worse and worse. Mayor Ko emphasized, elected civil officials encounter similar situations with similar feelings. As to the next Taipei mayor election, if former Minister of Interior Li Hung-yuan were nominated by KMT, Li will be a potential threat to Ko's election. Mayor Ko pointed out, it's useless to worry something like that, he will do what he should do as Taipei mayor. TRANSLATED BY: ANTHONY LIN 一例一休上路後,引發各界反彈,台南市長賴清德昨天才向中央喊話,應盡快修法,上午台北市長柯文哲也表示力挺,他說自己找過民進黨團總召柯建銘,希望立法院臨時會能一併處理,才符合民間期待。 再過一個月、世界大學運動會就要開幕,台北市長柯文哲出席「社企流論壇」開幕典禮,與上千位社會企業代表、交流如何創造更友善環境,激勵社會企業有良性發展,話鋒一轉,柯文哲提到日前立法院臨時會才通過的「前瞻基礎建設特別條例」,他開玩笑說,政府擬訂政策後,要怎麼執行,就是總統蔡英文要傷腦筋的時候了。 ==台北市長 柯文哲 vs. 活動主持人== 我講前瞻 你不是更焦慮 (講到前瞻的話 這個可能) 這個連總統府都焦慮了 此外一例一休上路後,引發各界反彈,台南市長賴清德週五才向中央喊話,應盡快修法,柯文哲也力挺修法。 ==台北市長 柯文哲== 如果大家認為 有窒礙難行的部分 應該是修法 而不是法令擺在那裡 我們不執行 我是覺得這樣 長期下去 難怪我們台灣的人民對法律 那種尊敬的心情越來越差 柯文哲強調,民選首長遇到的問題都差不多,所以才會對政策的感受與想法比較接近;至於明年登場的台北市長選舉,有媒體點名藍營如果派出前內政部長李鴻源,可能對柯文哲是一大威脅,他表示這種事情煩惱也沒用,現在把該做的事情做好就好。 記者 賴淑敏 莊志成 台北報導

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