Taitung County has borne the brunt of Typhoon Meranti. Ravaged by the strong winds and huge waves, the red lighthouses in Fugang Fishing Harbor and Nanliao Fishing Harbor toppled into the sea. On the afternoon of September 14, torrential rains have caused the Jhihben River level to rise and it almost went over the bridge. The township government soon announced that the bridge would be closed down. Residents and visitors to the Jhihben hot spring district are advised to take another route. The strong winds and rough seas in offshore Taitung have created huge waves that crashed on the 6-story-tall embankment in Fugang Fishing Harbor. The red lighthouse in the harbor has not been repaired from the damage caused by Typhoon Soudelor last year. The huge waves brought by Typhoon Meranti this year have washed off the lighthouse overnight. ==LOCAL RESIDENT== The lighthouse in the harbor is gone. (When did that happen?) I don't know. In the middle of the night. It is reported that the red lighthouse in Green Island Nanliao Fishing Harbor has also toppled into the sea because of giant waves. Although the storm range has gradually moved away from Taitung, heavy rains have caused water in the Jhihben River to rise. A residential house near the river was close to be affected. Luckily, the residents had been evacuated. The sudden rising river level has forced the township government to close down the Wenchuan Bridge connected to the hot spring district and evacuate tourists in the hot spring district. ==XU WEN-XIAN, Beinan Township Mayor== We are currently safe, but if the rain continues in Pingtung, the river level of the Jhihben River will rise. That's worrying. According to the township government, the Yongnan Bridge is still available, so access to the hot spring district is not shut down. However, those going into the hot spring district still need to watch out for falling rocks and dropping branches. TRANSLATED BY:LUKE CHIANG 台東外海掀起11級強勁風浪,一波波大浪不斷的越過6層樓高的富岡海堤,衝進富岡漁港,相當驚險。 富岡漁港的紅燈塔,在去年蘇迪勒颱風期間受損還沒有修復,這次就被莫蘭蒂颱風掀起的巨浪整個沖毀沈沒海底,一早起床的民眾看不見燈塔,非常驚訝。 ==附近居民== 富岡漁港的燈塔不見了你看 (什麼時候不見的) 我也不知道 半夜不見的 不只是富岡漁港燈塔消失,在綠島南寮漁港的紅燈塔,也傳出被大浪沖斷掉進海裡。 莫蘭蒂颱風暴風圈雖然逐漸離開台東,但下午卑南鄉知本溫泉區下起豪大雨,知本溪水水位突然暴漲,溪邊的一棵民宅,就快被溪水淹沒,幸好住戶已經撤離,由於水位暴漲距離溫泉橋面不到一公尺,鄉公所緊急封橋,溫泉區遊客也陸續撤離。 ==台東縣卑南鄉鄉長 許文獻== 目前是沒有危險性 但是我們現在怕的 是在屏東那邊雨量 如果繼續增大的話 我們知本溪會跟著暴漲 所以這是我們目前比較擔心的 鄉公所表示,溫泉區還有一座勇男橋可以提供民眾進出,交通不受影響,不過要前往內溫泉區的道路,沿線有斷落的樹枝還有從山上滑落的石塊,鄉公所提醒要前往溫泉區的民眾還是要小心通行。 記者 章明哲 台東報導

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