Eight months after the disappearance of five staff members of Causeway Bay Books, the bookstore manager Lam Wing-kei was the fourth to re-appear. Another missing shareholder, Gui Min-hai, remains in detention. On the 16th, Lam decided to come forward and reveal details of his disappearance and forced confession. Causeway Bay Books manager Lam Wing-kei emerged after an eight month disappearance. He held a press conference, accompanied by Albert Ho, a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong. Lam was taken into custody at the Lo Wu checkpoint on Oct. 24 last year. He was taken to Ningbo the next day, detained and forced to sign a document to forfeit his right to counsel and contact with family. == LAM WING-KEI, Manager, Causeway Bay Books== For five months I was confined to a room that was about 2 to 3 hundred square feet. Six people took turns to watch me 24 hours a day. I lost my freedom. Lam had said that he "realized the error of his ways" in an interview aired on Phoenix TV back in January. He said that the interview was staged, and he was made to read from a script. In March, Lam was transferred to Guandong, where he was interrogated and told that mailing banned books from Hong Kong to China was against Chinese law. Lam admitted that he brought books or mailed them to China from 2013 to 2016, which was not in violation of any Hongkongese regulations. He questioned the way the Chinese government treated booksellers. He also said he was compelled to come forward because this is not just about him, but about the rights of all Hong Kong people and "one-country, two systems". == LAM WING-KEI, Manager, Causeway Bay Books Of the five booksellers, I'm the one with the least to lose. If I remained silent and lost hope, Hong Kong would be hopeless. It takes a lot courage to come forward. After much deliberation and two sleepless nights, I decided to go public. Hong Kong's values must be upheld. Hong Kong people will not bow down to brute power. Lam was granted a release only after he promised to hand over the names of those he sent the books to. He was moved to learn that 6000 Hong Kong people took to the streets in support of the booksellers. On his way to China, he decided to return to Hong Kong and tell the truth. Lam also urged the Chinese government not to pressurize his Chinese girlfriend and other friends. The Hong Kong government indicated that they would look into Lam's case. The other three booksellers who were released have yet to disclose any details. Bookstore shareholder Gui Min-hai remains in Chinese custody. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU 失蹤近八個月的銅鑼灣書店店長林榮基,16號召開記者會,林榮基是在去年10月24號,從香港經羅湖海關到深圳時被帶走,隔天被帶往浙江寧波拘留,被迫簽下不准通知家人、不准聘請律師的條款。 ==銅鑼灣書店店長 林榮基== 有五個月的時間 我被鎖在一個大約 兩三百平方英呎的房間 24小時由六個人輪流監視我 我失去自由 林榮基一月時曾在鳳凰衛視播出的影片中說「深刻認識到錯誤」,他說這都是安排好,有導演、有台詞。直到今年三月林榮基被改送廣東韶關,開始有人訊問他為何幫中國人寄書,說他從香港寄禁書到中國違反規定。 林榮基表示,他曾在2013到2016年期間,親自帶書或是郵寄書籍到中國,這並沒有違反任何香港法令。 ==銅鑼灣書店店長 林榮基== 如果我保持沉默 如果我自己也就是書店五人中 負擔最少的都選擇沉默的話 香港就沒救了 出面這件事需要很大的勇氣 我失眠了兩晚苦思 才決定把我的事公諸於世 必須捍衛香港人的核心價值 港人絕不能輕易向權勢低頭 這次之所以可以獲釋,是林榮基答應提供寄書名單,但他回到香港後得知曾有六千港人上街聲援他們,讓他相當感動。在前往中國途中決定折返說出真相。林榮基並呼籲中國當局不要為難他的中國女友及其他友人。對於林榮基的投訴,港府回應會主動聯繫他了解情況。而在他之前獲釋的三名書商,都沒有公開詳情。目前還被扣押在中國的只剩書店股東桂民海。 記者 陳秋玫 報導