Tainan Bureau Chief Arrested for Corruption 台南經發局長涉貪 檢複訊後逮捕聲押

Prosecutors applied to keep Tainan City Economic Development Bureau Director General Chen Kai-ling detained on Dec. 22 over fears that he would flee and destroy evidence after questioning him a second time over allegations of corruption in a Qigu Industrial Zone development project. Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che said the city government is cooperating with the investigation.

On Dec. 21, Investigation Bureau personnel escorted Tainan City Economic Development Bureau Director General Chen Kai-ling out of Tainan City Hall. He was suspected of disseminating information unfavorable to the winning bidder for a Qigu Industrial Zone development project and requesting money to settle the matter. Prosecutors searched six locations, including his residence and office, and seized computer servers, documents, and NT$300,000 in cash. On Dec. 22, prosecutors concluded that Chen's crimes are serious and he may try to flee or destroy evidence, so they applied to a court to keep him detained.

Hsu Chia-lung, Dep. Chief Prosecutor, Tainan District Prosecutors Office: “After a second interrogation by prosecutors, we believe the director of the Economic Development Bureau violated the Anti-Corruption Act and used his position to swindle money and gain assets of unknown origin. These crimes are major and there is the risk that he may flee; destroy, fake, or alter evidence; and collude with accomplices or witnesses, so we applied to a court to keep him detained after arresting him on Dec. 22.”

On the morning of Dec. 22, the Tainan City Government presented its new municipal team. Mayor Huang Wei-che said Chen had already planned to leave the municipal team, and his city government will cooperate with the investigation. If there is any administrative responsibility, then he will investigate it to the end.

Huang Wei-che, Mayor, Tainan City: “We support prosecutors and investigators in investigating and prosecuting the case. We believe prosecutors and investigators, the judicial authorities that are investigating and prosecuting, will not let it go and will allow justice to be served. We will ask team members to sign anti-corruption contracts, as well as make public the application process for all related big cases, including Tainan City investment cases.”

The city government said that the application process for investment, industry and commerce, construction management, and other cases will be transparent, open, and legalized. Information will be published online for public scrutiny. Meanwhile, municipal team appointments included Deputy Mayor Yeh Tse-shan, Public Health Bureau Director General Su Shih-pin, Social Affairs Bureau Director General Lu Yu-tsung, Economic Development Bureau Director General Lin Jung-chuan, and Research, Development and Evaluation Commission Chairperson Chen Shu-tzu. Huang said "professional ability" and "immediate proficiency" were his main considerations.









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