Nationality of Academician Nominees to Be Reviewed Starting 2023 自34屆起 院士候選人提名表單新增國籍欄

Academia Sinica President James Liao told lawmakers on Nov. 23 that the current class of academician finalists must hold ROC citizenship to be approved and the nationality of all nominees will be reviewed starting next year. Lawmaker Fan Yun is calling for revisions to current nationality standards.

The Academia Sinica's list of new academicians was announced in July. At the time, the nationalities of five people on the list required clarification. In the end, three were confirmed to be ROC nationals and approved. Lawmaker Fan Yun says new academician Ho Teck-hua has Singaporean citizenship along with ROC citizenship. Fan says although the Academia Sinica recognizes dual citizenship, to the best of her knowledge Singapore does not. Therefore, Fan does not believe Ho has ROC citizenship.

Fan Yun, Legislator (DPP): “So Singaporean nationals can now become academicians? What's next? If next year there's an even greater scholar from Singapore, does that mean they will be rejected immediately?”
James Liao, Academia Sinica President: “Yes. Yes. That's right.”

James Liao says starting next year, the nationality of academician nominees will be reviewed. Fan says she isn't targeting anyone individually and she only wants clarification on whether the recognized standard of someone being eligible for ROC citizenship as long as one of their parents is a ROC citizen is too lax.  

Fan Yun, Legislator (DPP): “Scholars in Taiwan cannot understand what the Academia Sinica is doing. ”
James Liao, Academia Sinica President: “The Academia Sinica isn't overstepping its bounds. It isn't. Rather, we are following the Academia Sinica Organizational Act.”

The Academia Sinica says it asked the Ministry of the Interior for clarification and was told Ho was a ROC citizen and the confusion stemmed from Ho being born in China. When Ho was born, China was under ROC rule. Fan is calling for revisions to the Academia Sinica Organizational Act to change the nationality requirement for academicians from "national academics" to "academics of Chinese ethnicity." Liao says the suggestion will be taken into consideration.








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