Taipei Mayoral Candidates Argue Over Vaccine Procurement 疫苗議題再掀波瀾 北市長選戰攻防激烈

The year end local election will take place on Saturday, Nov. 26 which is only a few days away, Taipei mayoral candidates including Chen Shih-chung, Chiang Wan-an and Vivian Huang continue to weigh in on vaccine controversy.

Controversies and arguments continue as the nine-in-one local elections are about to take place on Saturday, Nov. 26. DPP Taipei mayoral candidate Chen Shih-chung defended incumbent Health and Welfare Minister Hsueh Jui-yuan over Hsueh comments describing how the government has worked hard on blocking certain business groups acting as vaccine brokers trying to sell vaccines without an authorized distributor certificate from vaccine makers. KMT Taipei mayoral candidate Chiang Wan-an demanded a further explanation from Chen.

Chiang Wan-an, Taipei Mayoral Candidate (KMT): “Mr. Chen Shih-chung should be honest and tell us which business groups are Minister Hsueh referring to. And which religious groups? This is the biggest lie the DPP government has told throughout the election campaign period.”

Chen Shih-chung, Taipei Mayoral Candidate (DPP): “I am not saying Taiwan business groups are trying to deceive the government. I'm only saying there are dishonest vaccine brokers. Some people were unaware and got taken advantage of, but we managed to block them.”

Independent Taipei mayoral candidate Vivian Huang also demanded Chen and Hsueh answer who those fraudulent vaccine brokers were. As the election date draws near, Huang's immediate family members showed up for moral support. Family values were an additional theme to Huang's last campaign rallies. After Huang's son appeared at her rally on the night of the 20th, Huang's mother also showed up for support on the 21st. People, however, are still curious as to whether Huang's party chairperson James Soong would show up to endorse her.

Vivian Huang, Taipei Mayoral Candidate (Independent): “We would invite of course, but they have their own plans. Don't just focus on that one, two, or three, some particular persons. I'm asking for Taipei voters' support, not PFP chairperson Soong's.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of National Defense announced that they will not activate special holiday programs for military personnel for voting this year. The ministry said they have already made the best on-post arrangements so that most military personnel can vote. Chiang said he respects decisions made by the national defense department, but Huang criticized the government for double standards. 











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