Kaohsiung Mayoral Candidates Campaign in Fengshan 陳其邁請假打選戰 柯志恩亦赴鳳山拜票

It's only 16 days until the local elections. Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Chi-mai took leave today to concentrate on the election campaign. He and KMT opponent candidate Ko Chih-en campaigned at Fengshan District's vegetable market. TSMC's Kaohsiung plant development may be affected by declining international demand and its production capacity may be adjusted. Chen emphasized that TSMC's construction schedule has not changed. Ko called for the DPP to stop using TSMC as a political achievement. 

Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai stood at the intersection early in the morning with city councilor candidates campaigning for votes. He began to take official leave from his job to participate in the election campaign on the 10th. After campaigning at the intersection, he rushed to Fengshan traditional market to campaign there. TSMC's Kaohsiung factory, which is regarded as an important achievement by Chen, is reported to adjust its production capacity planning of 7-nanometer due to the decline of international demand.

Chen Chi-mai, Kaohsiung Mayor: “28nm capacity will be built first. TSMC will also make some adjustments to its capacity planning to coincide with changes in international demand. And of course, we respect this process.”

Emphasizing that TSMC's schedule has not changed, Chen was at Fengshan, Kaohsiung's largest administrative district on the first day of leave. His KMT opponent candidate Ko Chih-en was also at the Fengshan First Market for the second time, indicating that her campaign is being carried out at her own pace. She also called on the DPP to stop using TSMC's factory expansions as election propaganda.

Ko Chih-en, KMT Kaohsiung Mayoral Candidate: “I respect and welcome TSMC. I think they have their own considerations as to whether they want to come to Kaohsiung. I always feel that there is no need to use factory development as campaign propaganda. We respect the demand trend from international customers.”

Candidates greeted stalls and people along the street and took photos with supporters. Only 16 days before election day, both KMT and DPP campaigned at the traditional markets on the 10th, going after the female votes. 








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