Robbery Occurs at Taichung HSR Station 虛擬貨幣交易疑與賣家起爭執 遭搶191萬

A robbery occurred at Taichung High Speed Rail Station on Oct. 12. The victim was bringing NT$1.91 million in cash to Taichung for virtual currency transactions. A disagreement arose during the deal, and the buyer simply snatched the cash and ran away.

There is a heavy police presence around Taichung High Speed Rail Station, and they are on the lookout for suspicious looking people. On Oct. 12, a robbery occurred at the station. A man surnamed Su arrived in Taichung with NT$1.91 million in cash to meet with a buyer for a virtual currency deal. The two got into a dispute, and the buyer absconded with the bag containing the cash.

Lin Feng-chan, Department Chief of RPB Xinwuri Police Station:“We arrested one suspect at the scene, and the precinct chief convened an investigatory task force. This station is currently investigating. The bureau's criminal investigation corps also set up a task force.“

The police said a traveler overheard an argument occurring near the station's Exit No. 3, and reported this to the police. The police arrived at the scene and arrested a person surnamed Huang. Prosecutors questioned Huang and concluded Huang was involved, so they applied to a court to keep him detained.

Chan Chang-hui, Department Chief Prosecutor of Taichung District Prosecutors Office:“He took advantage of inattentiveness (to steal property). They used violence during the course of trying to protect the stolen property and escaping afterwards, so his offense rose from abrupt taking to robbery.“

Travelers were surprised to hear that a robbery had occurred at the high speed rail station, and said they will keep a close eye on their belongings.

Resident:“We usually only pass by here, so there isn't any danger to our belongings.”

Resident:“I think that was deliberately done. Every adult should responsibly protect himself or herself.”

The Taichung City Police Department and the Railway Police Bureau have set up a task force. They discovered through surveillance camera footage that the main suspect fled in a car after taking the money and are tracking the vehicle.











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