12-year-old Boy on the Run With Wanted Parents 通緝犯父母躲藏 攜12歲兒藏房中未到校

Kaohsiung police discovered a 12-year-old boy has been "on the run" with his parents, who are wanted by the police. He was found locked up in a room and seemed socially withdrawn. 

Hidden in a small 4-ping unit, a 6th-grade boy by the nickname Hsiaohsing has been dragged around by his parents in Tainan and Kaohsiung because his parents are being wanted by the police. Hsiaohsing has been missing from school for that matter.

Wang Chun-sheng, Captain, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade, Police Dept., Kaohsiung: “His parents have been running away from the police's chase so they stayed at each place for as little as 10 days to three months at the most. Ten days were the shortest at one place.”

Police say that Hsiaohsing and his parents have been staying at different cheap units for rent for a period of time. The young boy has been mostly locked up in the room and would only go out when the family needed to move to a new location. The Kaoshiung Education Bureau found out that Hsiaohsing never reported to the new school that he got transferred to in Nov. of 2021. The school contacted the National Dropout Reporting System after failing to locate his parents but the police took some time to locate them as well since they moved around so frequently. Finally, in Sept. of 2022, they were found hidden in a very small room in Kaohsiung. His parents made a meager living by selling recyclable materials and selling used cell phones online.

Li Hui-ling, Dir., Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Center, Kaohsiung: “The little young is very shy. He couldn't really respond to questions. It is probably because he's been mostly home alone for the past year and did not have contact with the outside world.”

The Kaohsiung Social Affairs Bureau said the boy was not abused but he was a bit socially frightened. He has now been sent back to school and to live with his grandparents in Tainan. The Tainan City Government is also offering special counseling. The Kaohsiung Education Bureau said schools usually contact the parents when a student misses class for three days. However, Hsiaohsing's case was more difficult since he moved around so much. He was also the last dropout case in Kaohsiung to be found. In Kaohsiung, all 183 middle schools and below dropouts have been found.