Police Bust Counterfeit Changhua Buerfang Egg Yolk Crisps 稱代購名店蛋黃酥卻賣假貨 2年售上萬盒

Apart from mooncakes, the egg yolk crisp is also one of the most popular Mid-Autumn Festival treat. The police recently busted a scam group posed as buying agents. They've been selling conterfeit egg yolk crisps labelled under Changhua's famous bakery named Buerfang on Facebook. The amount of illegally obtained profit is nearly NT$6 million.

Police: “Where did you buy this?”

Mr. Yeh: “I bought it from a buying agent.”

The police inspected all the pastries and found some gift boxes as well as bags at the warehouse. The man in red is currently under investigation for selling counterfeit egg yolk crisps and labeling them under Changhua County's famous bakery shop Buerfang.

Chang Shih-chieh, Captain, First Corps, Second Special Police Crops: “There have been people with bad intentions selling large amounts of counterfeit food products through various channels to scam consumers. The sources and ingredients are unidentified. This is a case of fraud, forgery, and violation of trademark law. The Prosecutors Office is now leading the investigation.”

One man surnamed Yeh posts on Facebook frequently, acting as a retail agent and providing services to purchase products for others on the page. However, the police caught him selling pastries with unknown ingredients coming from unknown sources this time at a price much higher than the market price and mislabeling them as well-known brands. Tens of thousands of boxes of pastries have been sold by him for the past two years, creating a profit of nearly NT$6 million. 

A large police force was deployed to the warehouse, and suspects tried to hide in the restroom. Another scam ring was also recently busted in New Taipei City for scamming job searchers online by luring them with side job opportunities that come with good pay requiring little effort or opportunities to earn passive income. More than 40 victims fell for the scam and the ring gained a profit of over NT$20 million. Police found that the scam ring is headed by people with criminal gang backgrounds.

Chang Wei-lun, Captain, International Criminal Affairs Division, CIB: “We found that Bamboo Union gang members are behind the computer network set up for scams. We were able to trace and capture seven suspects that are in charge of directing the scam through evidence that we found from our first wave of investigation.”

The police again would like to remind the public to watch out for the multitudinous scams and trickery going on in our society today. 










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