Outdoor Barbecues Restricted in Six Cities 疫情升溫 六都祭中秋戶外烤肉管制措施

Barbecues are a must-do here in Taiwan to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, but probably not this year due to the epidemic. Some cities have announced an outright ban on outdoor barbecues at parks while others only allow citizens to barbecue at designated locations.

The pork vendor is almost out of meat, as the Mid-Autumn Festival is right around the corner. Barbecues are a popular festival activity, but this year the six special municipalities are restricting outdoor barbecues to varying degrees as a disease prevention measure. Taipei has banned barbecues at riverside parks and is advising against closing off streets for barbecues. The vendor expects the measure to affect business in the next several days.

Pork Vendor: “Most people buy it a few days before. How much business will be affected will depend on what people's mindsets are.”

The domestic epidemic situation is worsening, causing the six special municipalities to spring into action. Taipei and New Taipei City have banned barbecues at riverside parks. Taoyuan is only allowing barbecues at Hutoushan Park's barbecue area. Taichung is allowing barbecues at two outdoor locations. Tainan and Kaohsiung have maintained their existing ban on barbecues in parks. However, people can hold barbecues in their own homes.

Resident: “This way is better for everyone, because you can avoid outdoor gatherings. Everyone is afraid of the pandemic anyway, and outdoor barbecues are also not hygienic or good for the air quality. ”

Resident: “We only have barbecues once a year. It's not like we're doing this year-round. Just saying…”

Ko Wen-je (Sept. 5, 2022), Mayor, Taipei City: “We do not encourage people to get together to barbecue. We won't control you if you're barbecuing at home, but we need to avoid those activities where streets are closed off and thousands get together to barbecue.”

The Taipei City Government will send personnel to patrol riverside parks and crack down on illegal barbecues. They can issue fines of NT$1,200 to NT$6,000 for violations. Meanwhile, Central Epidemic Command Center disease prevention guidelines for Mid-Autumn Festival gatherings and activities recommend that unvaccinated senior citizens, young children, and immunocompromised people avoid gatherings and activities.











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