Huwei Sets 2,000 Sacrificial Tables for Ghosts 「北基隆.南虎尾」 虎尾普渡辦逾2千桌

Yunlin's Huwei held its Ghost Festival with over 2,000 tables of sacrificial items.

Workers set the tables with sacrificial items. The Ghost Festival rite is back in full force in Huwei after being suspended for two years.

Huwei Resident: “We hope all the ghosts will come. They are on vacation, so we are making offerings to them with the purest of hearts this month.”

Huwei Resident: “It was suspended for two years, so the scale seems bigger this year. We hope this will attract tourists because our businesses aren't doing well.”

The local Ghost Festival culture association says there are seven major areas for Ghost Festival activities, and each has its own theme and characteristics. The sacrifices being offered include 2,000 tables of fruit and ice sculptures.

Wu Chieh-jung, CEO, Huwei Ghost Festival Culture Association: “Everyone is very excited that we are holding the festival this year. The township office is also highly in support of this. So, this year the township office is also holding special Ghost Festival culture events.”

As paper money burning is a huge source of pollution, the Changhua County Environmental Protection Bureau is working with local sanitation teams to collect paper money for collective burning.

Huang Chi-cheng, Sanitation Worker, Yuanlin City Office: “Today is the peak. We will have to collect paper money from at least 20 locations today.”

One Yuanlin sanitation worker says his team has already collected 88 tons of paper money this year, a record.