Judgement Handed Down for State Affairs Fund Case 國務機要費更二審宣判 陳水扁等人免訴

The case against former President Chen Shui-bian for misusing the state affairs fund has been dropped after 16 years as the relevant laws were amended this May. Meanwhile, Chen's family including Wu Shu-jen, Chen Chih-chung, and Huang Jui-ching were each sentenced for money laundering.

Former President Chen Shui-bian held an international press conference in April of this year, to explain that he did not misuse the state affairs fund for personal gains. Chen and his wife Wu Shu-jen were accused of embezzling the state affairs fund, with litigation continuing for 16 years. The Legislative Yuan amended the Accounting Act at the end of May to decriminalize crimes related to the state affairs fund. Thus, Chen, Wu, former Presidential Office Deputy Secretary-general Ma Yung-cheng, and former Presidential Office Director Lin De-hsun were all exempt from lawsuits.

Lien Yu-chun, Judge, Criminal Court, Taiwan High Court: “Defendants Chen Shui-bian, Wu Shu-jen, Chen Chen-hui, Ma Yung-cheng, Lin De-hsun, Tsai Ming-che, and Kuo Chuan-ching are exempt from prosecution for embezzling, forging documents, and money laundering in regards to the state affairs fund.”

Chen, his wife, and others have four major legal cases including the state affairs fund, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Longtan land purchase, and money laundering. Wu was sentenced to two years in prison for money laundering on the morning of the 15th. Her son Chen Chih-chung and daughter-in-law Huang Jui-ching were sentenced to one year and 10 months for money laundering in the Longtan land purchase and the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center case. Huang could receive a four-year suspended sentence.

Chen Chih-chung (Jan. 5, 2022), Chen Shui-bian's Son: “It may be time to let Former President Chen's case come to an end.”

The younger Chen had not responded prior to our reporting deadline. Ma's mobile phone was turned off. However, when Chen Chih-chung was asked in the past when the Tainan City Council passed an amnesty for Chen Shui-bian, he said that he hoped that the entire Chen case can come to an end and let history make its own judgment. The case's second instance started the trial in 2012 but the lawsuit was delayed and took 10 years to conclude due to Chen's medical parole and Wu's ill health. 












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