15-minute Parking Fines Go into Effect on June 17 北市限時機車格今起開單計時 逾時開罰

M. Chuang
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In 2019, Taipei City established 15-minute parking spaces around schools and government offices. Starting Friday, people that park in these spaces for over 15 minutes will be fined.

A parking enforcement officer writes a NT$0 fine. Outside the Neihu Administrative Center, there are no scooters parked by the roadside as all the spaces are 15-minute spaces.

Ms. Lee, Citizen: “I had some paperwork to file and I knew I wouldn't be out of there within 15 minutes. So, I wouldn't consider parking in a 15-minute space.”

Ms. Lee, Citizen: “It's a bit short. You never know how long it's going to be.”

There are currently 15-minute parking spaces for deliveries and other short-term stops at 24 locations in Taipei, including Taipei First Girls High School, Zhongshan Girls High School, Chengyuan High School, Taipei City Hall, Neihu District Office, Daan Precinct, Shilin Night Market and Gongguan Night Market. As drivers have been taking advantage of these spots, the city will start fining violators on the 17th. 

Yang Ta-ming, Planning Section Chief, Parking Mgmt. and Development Office, Taipei: “You get fined if the time expires. If you're in violation, you will face a fine of at least NT$600 under the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act.”

Both manual and technology enforcement will be used. Taipei has also launched paperless fines. From July 1 to Sept. 30, motorists that sign up for SMS notifications will get a discount on parking-related fees.