Positive Quick Screening Tests to Be Deemed Confirmed Cases 篩陽視同確診將開放 醫:可縮短給藥時間

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced that 6 categories of people, including the elderly and people under home isolation or quarantine can be listed as confirmed cases with a positive rapid test result confirmed by doctors. This new policy is expected to expand to the entire country later this week. 

Starting May 23, six categories, including home isolation, home quarantine, self-management, elderlies over the age of 65, indigenous peoples, and outlying island residents, will be deemed a positive COVID diagnosis if they got positive rapid test results confirmed by doctors. Chen Shih-chung, commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, revealed that this policy will be expanded to everyone as soon as this week. Some experts agree with this new policy. If the diagnosis time can be shortened, drugs can be administered as soon as possible to reduce the risk of severe illness and death.

Huang Li-min, Honorary Chairperson, Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan: “If the quick screening becomes positive, then the diagnosis is confirmed. This can save at least two to three days. That is very helpful for early treatment.”

Although the Omicron infection is mostly mild, there are still 12 children who have severe symptoms after infection. Three of them have died. A 10-year-old boy in Tainan who had no history of chronic disease resulted in encephalitis after infection. In addition to fever and limb convulsions, the child was also suspected of hallucinations by saying there were monsters in the toilet. In the end, he died on the 18th due to severe brain edema.

Wang Chieh-neng, Director, Pediatric Thoracic Intensive Care, NCKU Hospital: “Heat cramps usually occur in children under the age of five. So it is not normal for a five or six years old kid to have cramps, coma, lethargy, or talk nonsense, like this patient. Be careful in situations like this.”

The doctor pointed out that encephalitis in children after infection is rare in Europe and America. However, there have been a few cases in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, all of which occur after diagnosis as the virus quickly attacks the child's brain. Parents are urged to vaccinate children under the age of 12 as soon as possible. Even if one vaccine dose is received, it will provide a certain degree of protection.