Executive, CEO of Dragon Universal Holding Detained 寰宇龍騰國際涉吸金30億 2主管聲押

Executives of Dragon Universal Holding has been summoned for questioning after they garnered  about NT$3 billion in illegal profit by soliciting investments. 

The man wearing a black jacket is the CEO surnamed Lai of Dragon Universal Holding, who was escorted by prosecutors for questioning.

Reporter: “Did you illegally raise money? ”

Executive Surnamed Chen, Dragon Universal Holding: “No. ”

Reporter: “ Then why were you brought here? ” Chen answered“No. ”

The executive surnamed Chen of Dragon Universal Holding was transferred to interrogation. The Taipei District Prosecutors Office launched a search of 11 different locations on the 11th. This company illegally solicited investments. A total of 5 directors and employees were arrested. After the interrogation, the executive surnamed Chen and the CEO surnamed Lai were detained and denied bail. The others were released on either bail or no bail.

Reporter: “Would you like to explain yourself?”

The company's official website introduces itself as involved with foreign exchange trading. It has affiliated companies throughout Asia. However, the prosecutor found that this overseas company illegally solicited investments without permission by claiming that it can handle foreign exchange margins on behalf of others. It promoted capital guaranteed investments, with an annual interest rate of 20 percent. Dragon Universal has continuously attracted investors since 2017, making an illegal profit of more than one hundred million US dollars, or NT$3 billion. The whole case was investigated based on the Banking Act, but the person in charge surnamed Chang did not show up to his appointment to discuss the case.

There are hundreds of ways to illegally attract investments. In April last year, the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau also uncovered the fraudulent group that launched the virtual currency Q-point to deceive the public, which attracted more than NT$200 million in investments in half a year. 





記者問陳姓主管是否有吸金? 寰宇龍騰國際公司陳姓主管表示「沒有」,記者又問那你怎麼會被帶過來? 陳姓主管依然回「沒有」。