26 Cases at Taoyuan Preschool; Half Under 12 桃園米迪幼兒園已26例 半數12歲以下

The cluster infection at Taoyuan MiDi preschool continues to expand and has grown to 26 confrimed cases, leading to calls for the government to consider vaccinating children. Meanwhile, some experts also said the coverage for the elderly population should also improve before the country can open up its border.

The COVID-19 cluster that originated from the family of three in Taoyuan has grown to 26 cases, of which half are children of 12 years and under. Three elementary schools have suspended classes as a result. Some doctors opine that although most children have no or very mild symptoms from contracting COVID-19, they tend to carry the virus around for transmission at home and in school; hence they suggest the CECC ought to have children vaccinated soon.

Zen Lin, Director, ROC Primary Care Association: “Does Taiwan believe that children should get vaccinated? I believe that those children with cardiopulmonary diseases should be vaccinated, while those who are without such diseases can choose to get vaccinated or not.”

Moreover, starting next Monday, March 7, in response to border relaxation of pandemic restrictions, quarantine requirement days will be shortened from 14 days to 10 days. Wearing face masks can also be relaxed in certain areas, and both High Speed Rail trains and Taiwan Railways trains will open up in-train dining services. Experts remind that in response to the gradual relaxation of border restrictions, the public must get fully vaccinated as soon as possible.

Lee Ping-ing, Specialist Advisory Panel Member, CECC: “You will for sure contract COVID-19 because this virus will not leave the earth. If you do not get vaccinated and contract the disease, the virus will harm your body much harsher than if you were vaccinated.”

Experts emphasize that Singapore research shows that a population with two vaccinations coverage reaching 80 percent or more, coupled with seniors having all three shots completed will mostly be subject to only mild symptoms in contracting COVID-19. The reason that Taiwan cannot open up completely at this point is due to low vaccination coverage in the elderly population. If the booster shot rate for those who are 60 years or older can reach 80 percent, pandemic restrictions can further be relaxed and at the same time lower the risks of severe symptoms or complications and deaths.  









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