Wedding Banquet Hall Shut Down for Disinfection 確診足跡到訪 南市府籲參加喜宴者篩檢

Over 500 people got tested related to the Shan Jan banquet hall incident after a patient visited there earlier this month. Luckily, no new confirmed cases have been reported. However, a bride who held the wedding on the same day said her big day was ruined and she has received numerous complaints from friends and relatives.

Case 18212, who lives in Kaohsiung, attended a wedding in Tainan earlier this month. The banquet venue is currently being disinfected. All tests of wedding guests and workers have come back negative so far. A woman who was also having a wedding there that day says the Tainan City Public Health Bureau made her contact her 100-plus guests to tell them to go get tested. She wants to know why the city government couldn't have sent out notifications when real-name registration was required at the venue.

Bride: “There was real-name registration at the banquet hall. Why did they make us call our guests one by one? Couldn't they just have sent out a mass text? Wouldn't that have been faster? Why did I have to make over 100 phone calls? It took forever and definitely wasn't time-efficient if you're trying to get people tested as soon as possible.”

The woman says she was very upset she had to bear the brunt of her guests' frustration when she called them.

Bride: “Some of my guests have sensitive jobs. They work at schools and hospitals. They said they have contact with lots of people every day and there was a time lag of several days between when they attended my wedding and when they got the news.”

In response, the bureau said it just didn't want any fish to escape the net so it asked the bride to help with notifying her guests because she had a guest list. It also said this was unavoidable for epidemic prevention.

Lin Hsiao-mei, Section Chief, Public Health Bureau, Tainan City: “Not every guest checked in. Sometimes you have one person checking in or signing in for their guest or family member. Some only signed the guestbook. So, that's why we had to ask the bride to tell her friends and family to get tested as soon as possible.”

The bureau also said once it gets all relevant information, further notifications on home quarantine and self-health management will be sent out. It denied shirking its responsibilities and said everyone should be more understanding of each other.










南市衛生局疾管科科長林曉玫回應:「通知名單上,由於實聯制部分,有的攜伴參加,有的只有一人掃QR Code,有的只有簽禮簿,所以才會請當事人先行協助通知親友下午盡快至採檢站採檢。」