Bus Driver Involved in Fatal Accident Charged 乘客提包遭公車車門夾住拖行 不治身亡

Last January, a woman whose purse got caught in bus doors was dragged to death. Police have charged the driver with negligent death.

As soon as the last alighting passenger's foot makes contact with the pavement, the bus doors close. However, her purse gets caught between the doors and she gets dragged as the bus drives away. Prosecutors have charged the bus driver with negligent death.

Nieh Chung, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, New Taipei City Prosecutors Office: “(The driver) didn't notice what was happening. He closed the door and pulled away from the curb. This was negligence. Based on the evidence we have, we have charged him with negligent death under Article 276 of the Criminal Code.”

The accident took place last January. The woman, surnamed Lin, took Bus 815 from Luzhou to St. Ignatius High School Station. Lin sustained severe injuries from being dragged and died two months later.

Citizen: “(The bus driver) may not have looked carefully enough, or he may have been rushing to get off shift. I've seen seniors just escaping getting caught in the doors.”

Citizen: “As soon as people get off the bus, the bus drives away. As soon as you step off the step, they drive away immediately.”

Although some buses have door-edge protection, this kind of accident occurs frequently in Taiwan and many are fatal. The bus company has not responded to media inquiries as of press time.











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