Woman Faces NT$600K Fine for Absconding from Quarantine Hotel 未入住防疫旅館 北市失聯女子遭開罰60萬

A woman returned Taiwan from Dubai that absconded from her quarantine hotel before even checking in faces a NT$600,000 fine.

Ms. Pan walks out of a private residence in Beitou. Police and health workers wearing protective gear from head to toe disinfect her and then take her to a quarantine facility. Pan flew into Taiwan on the 19th from Dubai, but did not check into a quarantine hotel. Police discovered she took a quarantine taxi to a quarantine hotel and then got onto a friend's scooter. The friend took her to Beitou. Police located her on the evening of the 20th. She faces a NT$600,000 fine.

Vicky Chen, Taipei City Spokesperson: “One of the numbers she provided was not in service and the other didn't seem to be her number either. We did everything we could to find her, but couldn't so we asked the police for help. She faces a fine of up to NT$600,000.”

Meanwhile, two new domestic cases were reported in Taipei on the 20th. One is a family member of a Shipai Junior High School student, and the other is a 75-year-old woman. The woman visited the same ENT clinic in Datong District as Case 18051, who is part of the Tasty steakhouse transmission chain.

Vicky Chen, Taipei City Spokesperson: “On Jan. 20, the Taipei City Department of Health was notified by Taoyuan. The dad (Case 18051) was recently in (Taipei). We began contact tracing on Jan. 20, including the clinic and other places he visited. A 75-year-old woman that was also at the clinic has tested positive. She lives with two grandchildren.”

All tests from the two grandchildren's schools have come back negative. Taipei is awaiting approval from the central government to implement vaccine passports. New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih, meanwhile, says his city is on high alert and will do whatever it takes to keep the epidemic from spreading no matter what is happening in other municipalities.