Taipei City Reports New COVID-19 Cases 石牌國中學生家長.東吳城區部 再傳確診

Taipei City reported 2 new confirmed cases on the evening of the 20th. One of which was a parent of a student from Shipai Junior High School, and the other was a confirmed case at Soochow University's downtown campus who was in the same classroom as confirmed Case 18116. 

Teachers, students, and school staff were successively tested under the guidance of the epidemic prevention personnel. Crowds of people are queuing in the entire building. Taipei City added two new confirmed COVID-19 cases on the evening of the 20th. One of the confirmed cases was at Soochow University's downtown campus.

Lee Kuen-chang, Dean of Student Affairs, Soochow University: “The confirmed case was in a classroom that can hold 120 people. There were a total of 61 students in class that day. Yesterday, we tested a total of 662 people, all negative.”

The school pointed out that this new case and recent Case 18116 from Taoyuan was in the same classroom. People in the same classroom that day have been quarantined. The school has successively carried out tests for teachers and students with overlapping footprints. The results of the tests are all negative. Currently, the school is conducting voluntary tests and informing students that if they can't return to school, they should get tested at the nearest medical facility.

Hsu Mei-lin, Deputy Director, National Theater and Concert Hall: “The confirmed case came to the Concert Hall's Chun Shui Tang restaurant to dine around evening time on the 17th. January 17 to 26 is the annual maintenance period of the National Concert Hall, so there were no performances at the time. But to ensure public safety, we are disinfecting the whole building for a day.”

National Concert Hall was closed for one day on the 21st, while Chun Shui Tang restaurant will be closed until the 23rd. Taipei City's second new confirmed case on the evening of the 20th was a parent from Shipai Junior High School. The parent came in contact with Case 18051 at a clinic in Datong District. The school immediately arranged for teachers and students to take PCR tests.

Yu Chih-cheng, Director of Student Affairs, Shipai Junior High: “Teachers and students who came in closest contact with the child of the confirmed patient were in the first wave of screening. A total of 48 students were screened. Reports that came back on the 20th evening were all negative. Today, we will do preventive screening of other classes that were close to him, which is about 300 students.”

The school did not carry out preventive suspension of classes since it is closed on the 20th and winter vacation starts on the 21st.