Taoyuan Confirms New COVID-19 Cases 桃園新增確診 慈文國中.復旦高中停課1天

Another confirmed case was reported in Taoyuan, and the city's Education Department quickly announced that Tzu Wen Junior High and Fudan High School will suspend classes for one day on the 21st.

The epidemic situation in Taiwan continues to rise, with another confirmed case being reported in Taoyuan. A total of 16 schools have suspended classes for 14 days. Although winter vacation has begun, the Taoyuan Education Department has announced that Tzu Wen Junior High and Fudan High School will suspend classes on the 21st for one day. 

Fudan Site of GSAT: “Fudan High School happens to be the site of the General Scholastic Ability Test. The school is now carefully disinfecting the campus.”

Duan Tai-min, Principal, Fudan High School: “We are disinfecting the entire school by wiping down all tables and chairs. Our general affairs office is worried. Yesterday afternoon, we sent our own colleagues to disinfect all public places and classrooms. We wiped all tables and chairs more than twice.”

It was raining early in the morning and students entered the venue one after another on the first day of the GSAT. Police from the Pingzhen Precinct were present to maintain order and safety. Fudan's principal said that the whole school had been fully disinfected the day before, and all the desks and chairs had been wiped down. Cleaning was carried out once again in the morning. He also mentioned that the classrooms where a family member of the student was diagnosed with COVID-19 just happened not to be exam sites. Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan said that so far, 21 teachers and students in Taoyuan have confirmed with COVID-19 since the spread of the Taoyuan International Airport cluster infection.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Mayor, Taoyuan City: “So far there are actually 30 schools, kindergartens, and businesses that have suspended classes or work as a result of confirmed cases during the epidemic. So we are still appealing to all people to undertake personal protection.”

Cheng said that Taoyuan has tested 51,114 people. 39 tests were carried out at schools or factories. The remaining tests came from 9 community testing stations and 2 dedicated home isolation inspection stations. The number of cases has been declining, but the public is still being asked to assume personal protection.