Sanmin Elementary School Student Tests Positive for COVID-19 竹市三民國小學生確診 一家四口染疫

Hsinchu's Sanmin Elementary School announced it was starting winter vacation immediately after one of its students and all three of the student's family members tested positive for COVID-19. Sanmin became the fourth school in Hsinchu to suspend classes, while the city is doing everything it can to contain the outbreak.

“The holiday is starting early. The holiday is starting early.”

Parents dropping their kids off at school find out winter vacation is already underway. Hsinchu's Sanmin Elementary School decided to start winter vacation early after a student tested positive. The school is in the process of disinfecting the campus.

The student tested positive on the 17th, along with three family members. The school immediately announced it was suspending classes for 14 days. Fifty-nine coworkers of the adults in the family and 59 students and teachers at the student's school have been identified in contact tracing. They are all in residential quarantine and getting tested.

Shen Ching-tao, Director, Department of Education, Hsinchu City: “We have identified 60 people that had contact with this student, including 50 classmates and 10 teachers.”

Yang Wen-ke, Hsinchu County Magistrate: “Early this morning, we were notified by Yimin Junior High School about a student testing positive. We have decided to suspend classes for 15 days and will be conducting contact tracing.”

It is unknown how the family got infected. The Hsinchu county and city governments have not yet released a list of places recently visited by the family. Sanmin is the fourth school in Hsinchu to suspend classes due to COVID-19 after Minghsin University of Science and Technology, a Hsinchu County kindergarten, and Yimin Junior High School. The local government has tested over 700 people in the hopes of severing the transmission chain.