New Rules and Rights Coming in 2022 2022元旦新制 涵蓋財經.交通.食安.醫藥

Many new rules will come online at the beginning of the new year. These include new pension rules and an increase in basic wages.

Many people will be traveling during the New Year's Day holidays. As they welcome 2022, there will also be many new labor rights that will come online. The basic salary will increase, with a basic monthly salary of NT$25,250 and an hourly wage of NT$168. Overtime must be paid if workers exceed normal working hours, whether on the day or night shifts. Labor insurance based on salary levels will also adjust accordingly to coincide with the increase in basic salary. The average rate of occupational accident insurance will become 0.2 percent. Additionally, the minimum age to claim the labor insurance annuity will also be raised by one year.

Liu Hsiu-ling, Head, Ordinary Accident Benefits Payment Div., BLI: “Since 2018, the legal age to claim labor insurance annuity will gradually increase to 65 years old. It will be lowered to 63 years old in 2022. If you have been insured for more than 15 years, but are not yet 63 years old, you can request payment in advance. However, we will reduce your payment by 4 percent per year if you do not reach 63 years old. If you meet the legal claim age to collect the annuity and delay your payment, you can receive deferred annuity at an extra 4 percent per year for every year you defer but you can only postpone collecting your annuity for up to five years after the legal age limit.”

As for tax reduction, the basic living expenses will be increased by NT$10,000. The comprehensive tax exemption will be increased to NT$92,000. This applies to the tax return filed in May 2023. Inheritance and gift tax allowances have both been adjusted upwards and will be applicable in 2022. Military, public servants, and teachers' payments to their pension fund will be tax-exempt. Tax concessions on electric car and motorcycle excise tax and license tax will be extended. 

As for social welfare, the minimum living expenses of low-income households and subsidies for educational interns will be increased, and replacing old motorcycles will be subsidized. Property owners can enjoy business tax exemptions on land tax, housing tax, and part of rental income if they transform idle hotels and homes into social housing. They will also be subsidized for building repairs and differences in rent. 

Due to the severe international epidemic situation, workers in 26 venues, including high school and below schools, kindergartens, short-term cram schools, childcare centers, and large-scale banquet halls must be fully vaccinated with two vaccine doses to prevent the epidemic from getting worse. 










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