AZ Second Dose Seems to Have Slowed 第13期疫苗開打 AZ第二劑疑現緩打潮

As the 13th round of vaccinations has started, the vaccination pace of AZ vaccines seems to slow down as some believe the government might start allowing mixed doses soon. 

More than 870,000 doses of BNT vaccine donated by Hon Hai's Yongling Foundation, TSMC, and Tzu Chi arrived at Taoyuan Airport at 6am on Friday. They will be delivered to the public after being inspected and sealed. The 13th round of vaccinations started on Friday, Nov. 5. Taipei City has opened 6 medium-sized vaccination stations to administer shots. However, the vaccination pace of AZ vaccines has slowed down. Current AZ supplies allow for 800 people per day to receive shots, but actual reservations have only been 35 percent of capacity.

Mr. Hung, Second Dose of AZ Recipient: “A lot of people are waiting for mixed vaccines. I just wanted to get it over with. I'm too lazy to wait.”

Ms. Liu, Second Dose of AZ Recipient: “I was ok after getting my first dose of AZ. So I thought I'll just get my second shot.”

The vaccination pace has dropped recently. This could be attributed to the slowdown of the local epidemic situation and the expected psychology of waiting on mixing vaccines. Additionally, there have been multiple reports of suspected deaths after vaccination, which may also be one of the reasons for the slowing vaccination pace.

Chen Mei-ju, Deputy Superintendent, Taipei City Hospital Heping Branch: “Recently, there have been some deaths related to vaccines, which will cause vaccination pace to slow down.”

As the coverage rate of the first vaccine dose has exceeded 70 percent domestically, some experts suggest Taiwan recognize and certify international vaccines, including those made in China. Taiwan should follow the global pace in reopening as there will be more travelers entering and leaving the country in the future.

Huang Kao-pin, Deputy Superintendent, China Medical University Hospital: “WHO has recognized Sinovac and Sinopharm (vaccine). So under these unavoidable circumstances, we will recognize them. We will log them on the yellow vaccination cards.”

Experts emphasized that at this stage, the rate of full vaccination coverage in Taiwan is only 30 percent. It should be raised to 80 percent as soon as possible. Taiwan can open to business travelers in the first step if it certifies international vaccines, allowing the borders to gradually open. This will allow various industries to resume economic and tourism activities quickly.