Agriculture Minister Feels Bad Not Everyone Won Vouchers 888元農遊券超難抽 陳吉仲:不好意思

P. Hsu
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The Council of Agriculture has launched a NT$888 Agricultural Tourism Voucher to combine with the quintuple voucher. The lottery for the vouchers was held yesterday, with the winning rate being only 2.14 percent. 

The NT$888 Agricultural Tourism Voucher was released for drawing in four separate rounds on Wednesday morning. 23,695 people were selected in the first round on the 13th, for a 2.14 percent winning rate. Agriculture Council Minister Chen Chi-chung said he feels bad that some people didn't win vouchers but still hopes that everyone will spend their quintuple vouchers at various agricultural facilities across the country.

Chen Chi-chung, Minister, Council of Agriculture:"I feel bad that the lottery winning rate is really too low."

Legislator Chiu Yi-ying pointed out that the COA hurried out its policy resumption on October 1st to allow pig farms with two hundred pigs or more to use food waste as feed, but prohibit farms with less than 200 pigs to do so. This didn't give farms with less than 200 pigs to make adjustments.

Chen Chi-chung, Agriculture Minister vs. Chiu Yi-ying, Legislator (DPP):"The farmer needs about three months to apply for the change. (Yes.) About two to three months. But your announcement of the time he needs to stop his current process is probably only a little more than a month."

Chiu said that many people suggested Taiwan should follow Japan and South Korea's example of a centralized food waste processing to feed pigs. She asked if farms with less than 200 pigs that have passed environmental inspection would be allowed to use centralized processed food waste to feed pigs? The COA reiterated that it supports such a policy. But whether or not it is undertaken by the government or private companies is still under discussion.

Chen Chi-chung, Agriculture Minister vs. Chiu Yi-ying, Legislator (DPP):"Will each county and city government set up the program? Or will the COA set it up? Or will private operators do it? Actually, the private sector is most efficient. There is another direction. The so-called Japanese, Korean model, which turns food waste into feed. You can make it into liquid or solid feed. I think this is the longer-term solution."

Although the Council of Agriculture has repeatedly supported the model of centralized food waste processing and feeding pigs, it has not yet proposed a specific method. Minister Chen only said that the Council will quickly promote it.





農委會主委 陳吉仲表示:「真的很不好意思,那個中獎比率,真的是太低了。」


農委會主委 陳吉仲 vs. 民進黨立委 邱議瑩表示:「他的申請變更,你大概需要三個月的時間,兩個月到三個月的時間。(但是你的宣布到他停養,其實這個時間,大概只有一個多月。)」


農委會主委 陳吉仲 vs. 民進黨立委 邱議瑩表示:「(你是各縣市政府嗎?還是農委會去設立,還是有民間的業者?他其實是可以……) 當然是民間業者才有效率,還有,另外一個方向,就是所謂的日韓模式,就是把廚餘做成飼料,你可以做成液態的,也可以做成固態的飼料,我覺得這個才是更長久之計。」