Taichung Revokes Fine for Woman Who Gave False Info 女K歌實名制填父親手機  認疫調不實罰6千

A woman was initially fined for using a phone number under his father's name and deemed obstructing disease prevention efforts.

Presenter: Taichung City has revoked a NT$6,000 fine given to a woman who gave false registration information at a Karaoke has been revoked. The woman was part of the Karaoke cluster infection in May.

This woman tells Administrative Enforcement Agency personnel that her daughter did not mean to give false registration information. 

Mother of Ms. Tang:” We got this (cell phone number) when she was in high school. We registered the number using her father's name. So, it's been in her father's name all this time.”

In May, a cluster infection from a Karaoke gathering was reported in Taichung. One of the students, a woman surnamed Tang, visited more than one room that night. She registered at the Karaoke with a cell phone number registered under her father's name. The city fined her NT$6,000 after being unable to locate her while contact tracing.

Chou Lung-kuang, Officer, Administrative Enforcement Agency Taichung Branch:”Regardless of whether (the number) was registered to the daughter or the father, no one answered when we called. From a government standpoint, it appeared she had given false information.”

Tang's parents paid the fine even though their daughter was wronged. They say they got in touch with her after the incident and told her to go get tested. One lawyer says most contact registration uses cell phones for verification and most people feel fine that should be assessed on an individual rather than blanket basis.

Voice of Lin Chiung-chia, Lawyer:”You can find someone by calling them on their cell phone. She didn't intentionally break any laws. There is also no law saying the cell phone she uses has to be registered in her name.”

Citizen:” My mom's cell phone is registered in my name. When she goes to a supermarket and registers, she's the one going in and not me.”

The lawyer says cell phones registered to one person and being used by another doesn't cause problems with contact tracing unless someone falsifies information. The Taichung City Government has revoked the fine in question.






行政執行署台中分署行政執行官 周隆光:「(該手機)到底是湯女持有還是她爸爸持有中,從客觀事實是不明的。但是第一時間就是電話都沒人接,站在主管機關的認為說,她是不是在規避或妨礙疫調。」


律師 林瓊嘉:「手機依規定都找的到人,她沒有存在故意違規行為,法律上也沒禁止她,手機必須要登記本人。」