Tainan-filmed TV Series Revitalise Tourism to Tainan 戲劇台南鹽水.後壁取景 帶動當地觀光

Tainan has become the latest hotspot for filming. Many local tour guides also hope the Taiwan-themed dramas can bring in tourists for the city. 

The scenes of the Tainan Fucheng City Walls from the TV series "Seqalu: Formosa 1867" were filmed in the Annei Sugar Factory Film Studio in Yenshui District of Tainan. Another popular TV series "The Making Of An Ordinary Woman 2" was also filmed in Ching Liao, Houbi District of Tainan. The public seemed to be drawn to these two places in Tainan after watching the shows.

Even though I haven't visited the places where Seqalu was filmed. The surrounding landmarks are worthy of a visit, such as the Yenshui Octagonal Pavilion and the Yungcheng Theater. The Tainan Train Station is my last stop. I highly recommend paying a visit to Tainan.

The Yenshui District Office and Houpi District Office have been training volunteers to serve as tour guides for visitors who have been coming to Tainan as a result of watching these shows. People can learn more in-depth about Tainan beyond what's shown in the TV series.

Lin Cheng-hsiung, Chief Secretary, Yenshui District Office:" We offer training courses and history classes to our volunteers so that they can give high-quality tours to visitors.”

Kuo Chen-hui , Director, Tourism Bureau, Tainan:”t's like going through history again for us as well to prepare for these tours. It's comfort for the soul during the pandemic.”

The Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government is currently planning a Seqalu Tour, which will be opened to the public in mid-September. This serves as an opportunity for Tainan to promote and generate local tourism while reintroducing their history and cultural heritage to the public.





不管是在地八角樓,永成戲院,還有最後來這邊車站,我會覺得說真的值得大家來走一趟 。」


鹽水區公所主秘 林正雄:「透過上課課程,加強我們志工的深入的認知,能夠讓導覽志工帶給民眾更高品質的導覽。」

台南市政府觀旅局長 郭貞慧:「不只告訴我們過去的一些歷史,同時呢也帶給我們疫情期間心靈的慰藉。」