Search for Missing District Rep Enters Third Day 區代表勘災落水第3天 搜索範圍再擴大

The search for Taoyuan District representative Hsieh Yi-chen has entered its third day, with the search area being expanded from the place where she fell into the water to Xinwei Bridge. Hsieh's son brought her clothes to the site to perform a traditional "recalling" ceremony, hoping to bring any progress to the rescue missions that have been hampered by continuous heavy rain. 

Hsieh Yi-chen's son brings her clothes to the site where she fell into the water to perform a traditional "recalling" ceremony. The search for Hsieh, a Taoyuan District representative, is now on its third day. Officials decided to expand the search area on Aug. 13 from the place where she fell into the water to Xinwei Bridge.

Kao Ming-chu, Kaohsiung City Fire Bureau Sixth District Emergency and Rescue Corps:” We're expanding our search to the area between Liugui Bridge and Xinwei Bridge. The weather in this area is very unstable, so we have asked the military for aerial support.”

Search efforts are being hampered by further landslides on Aug. 12 with muddied river waters and rapid river flow. The military sent National Airborne Service Corps helicopters out to Mingbakelu Bridge on Aug. 13 to join the search as rescue workers combed the banks of Laonong River.

Voice of Lu Hsiu-hsien, Deputy Chief, Jiasian Construction Section, DGH:” We've already completed 600 meters, including 100 meters yesterday that got reburied under landslide rubble. We sent trucks over this morning to remove debris.” 

The Directorate General of Highways says repair work on Mingbakelu Bridge can only be done when it's not raining and it will also raise soil slopes on the sides of the access road to prevent further damage.