Former Sports Official Blasted for Emotional Blackmail of TY Tai 戴遐齡盼小戴再戰巴黎奧運 網友:情緒勒索

Former Sports Affairs Council Minister Tai Hsia-ling recently launched a petition, in which she calls on Tai Tzu-ying to commit to the next Olympic Games. Netizens immediately blasted Tai Hsia-ling for "emotional blackmail." 

Tai Tzu-ying brought home a silver medal from her third Olympics. She has not yet said whether she plans to compete again in 2024. Former Sports Affairs Minister Tai Hsia-ling recently called on Tai Tzu-ying to commit to the 2024 Olympics, leading netizens to blast Tai Hsia-ling for "emotional blackmail" and not respecting Tai Tzu-ying's wishes.

Tai Hsia-ling, Former Sports Affairs Minister:”This was in no way so-called emotional blackmail. We just went this route to encourage her to compete (in the 2024 Olympics). We will support her decision no matter what she decides.” 

While many municipal governments offered medal bonuses for athletes during this year's Olympics, the cultivation of athletes is not an overnight process. Ultramarathon runner Kevin Lin says athletes compete for the love of the game rather than money, and what they need are guarantees for their post-retirement life.

Kevin Lin, Ultramarathon Runner:” [Athletes] don't enter competitions for the money, so larger medal bonuses don't help. Athletes, training partners and coaches are important assets, but are they really anything more than temp workers? This is so wrong, in my opinion.”

Yu Chong-long, National Chung Hsing University Professor:”For sports sponsorships to make a long-term difference, you have to have a two-pronged approach: one being sponsorships, and the other being charity. Sponsorships are an exchange, and you have to pay attention to the connection (between corporate sponsors and athletes).”

Breakdancing will be one of the new sports introduced at the 2024 Olympics. Chinese Taipei DanceSport Federation Chair Sean Lien says he will not be competing in Paris but he hopes the government can take an active role in the development of breakdancing and provide young breakdancers with resources.





知名超馬選手 林義傑:「他不是因為錢,去當一個運動員比賽,所以我們再去提高獎金都沒有用。希望運動員跟陪練員跟教練,他們明明是重要資產,可是他們淪為臨時的打工仔我個人覺得是完全不對的。」