DPP Lawmaker Demanded Vaccines Eight Times in 11 Days 北市調查報告 指高嘉瑜"11天內8度索疫苗"

On July 27, Taipei City published its investigative report on the Good Liver Clinic vaccine scandal. The report detailed how Democratic Progressive Party lawmaker Kao Chia-yu demanded vaccines for the clinic on eight occasions over the course of 11 days at the end of May. Kao says the report is proof she didn't peddle influence and was only passing along a message from someone else. She then blasted the Taipei City Government for not clearly explaining its vaccine distribution principles and standards.

Taipei's Good Liver Clinic and Dianthus Clinic were caught illegally administering vaccines to people who are not from eligible groups a few months ago. On July 27, the Taipei City Clean Government Committee published its investigative report in full. The report detailed how Democratic Progressive Party lawmaker Kao Chia-yu demanded vaccines for the clinic on eight occasions between May 30 and June 9.  Kao says the report proves her innocence.

Kao Chia-yu, Legislator (DPP):"We never put pressure on anyone or used our position to influence anyone, ever. So, I think the Taipei City Government is the one that needs to do some explaining."

Voice of Lin Si-hung, COO, Dianthus Clinic:"This (report) lacks credibility."

Kao also fired back at the Taipei City Government, asking how Good Liver Clinic was able to acquire 1,000-plus vaccines for 100-plus people. She also asked who Taipei City Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan's friend "Ben" was. The Taipei City Department of Government Ethics says "Ben" was not a key figure nor the focal point of the investigation so his identity will not be disclosed.

Huang Ching-ying, Taipei City Deputy Spokesperson:"The Taipei City Clean Government Committee has already published its investigative report online for everyone. Further details will be shared at a press conference this afternoon."

On July 22, an irate Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je told the Clean Government Committee that he'd had enough and told everyone to resign and go home because no one was doing their job. He also said everything would be disclosed online for everyone to see.





民進黨立委 高嘉瑜表示:「從頭到尾,我們沒有任何的施壓,也沒有任何的關說。所以我是覺得說,在這過程中,台北市政府可能要對自己發放的標準跟原則,說明清楚。」

禾馨醫療營運長 林思宏表示:「這個東西(報告),就根本可信度很存疑。」


台北市政府副發言人 黃瀞瑩表示:「台北市政府廉政委員會,已經將相關的調查報告,上網公開供外界檢視。有關外界的疑義,以及相關的細節問題,將在下午的記者會統一說明。」