Yang to Replace the Retiring Chen as Taipei City Police Commissioner 北市警察局長陳嘉昌退休 楊源明接任

Taipei City Police Commissioner Chen Chia-chang officially retired on July 16. He will be succeeded by former Taichung City Police Commissioner Yang Yuan-ming.

In April, Taipei's Songshan Precinct was vandalized by a group of men wearing black. Reports of a police coverup immediately began spreading. Before this scandal abated, an abuse-of-power scandal erupted in Beitou, followed by the restaurant cockroach incident. On July 16, Taipei City Commissioner Chen Chia-chang retired.

Yang Yuan-ming ,New Taipei City Police Commissioner:”It's not just this investigation. We have to fully investigate all leads, from network to members to cash flow to cash source in order to thoroughly root these things out.”

Chen's successor is Yang Yuan-ming, who says he will focus his attention on disease prevention, social order and crime-fighting. A graduate of Central Police Agency, Yang served four years as Taichung City police commissioner. He also has close to two decades of experience in Taipei, including stints as Wenshan First Precinct chief and Criminal Investigation Division chief. 

According to reports, Yang was not Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je's top choice for the post.

Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Mayor:”Police, personnel, accounting and politics are all part of the same whip.  We all respect the system that this whip represents, so we didn't have any specific person in mind (for the post).”

Ko says Chen was able to close every single major case during his tenure in Taipei and Yang's top priorities at his new post will be social order, transportation and serving the people.




新任台北市警局長 楊源明:「我想不只個案的偵辦,對這些溯源追查,後面的這些犯罪的網絡跟成員以及他的金流、金源,都必須做徹底的追查,才能夠徹底來根除。」


台北市長 柯文哲:「警政、人事、主計,跟這個政風是一條鞭,所以原則上我們都尊重這個一條鞭的系統,所以我們也沒有特別一定要什麼樣的人選。」