End of US-PRC Relations if US Stations Troops on Taiwan?|若美軍駐台 卜睿哲:可能導致美中斷交

M. Chuang
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With tensions rising in the Taiwan Strait, Former American Institute in Taiwan Chair Richard Bush says if the US decides to station troops on Taiwan, it could spell the end of diplomatic relations between the US and China.

The U.S. recently announced an arms sale package to Taiwan in the midst of rising cross-strait tension. Former American Institute in Taiwan Chair Richard Bush says it could spell the end of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China if the U.S. were to station troops on Taiwan.

So, if we were now to decide to deploy troops to Taiwan, I suspect that Beijing would feel great pressure to suspend or cancel diplomatic relations with the United States.

According to Bush, if China were to attack Taiwan, Taiwan would have to hold down the fort for weeks before U.S. troops can arrive. Bush says U.S. military presence on Taiwan could weaken Taiwan's commitment to defend itself because Taiwan might think it no longer has to buy weapons or boost military reserves. In the face of growing PRC military threat and China using vaccines as a diplomatic chip, some ROC allies may decide to switch diplomatic allegiance to China.

We already anticipate that there will be a wave of Chinese using the vaccines as a weapon, as an instrument, to entice more countries to go, to sway them over to their side.

...of the way the CCP has handled COVID from the beginning, no matter how many masks they hand out now, I think that is a question and a doubt that is on the minds of many countries in the region and globally as well.

One U.S. State Department official says no one trusts PRC vaccines anyway. Alexander Yui, meanwhile, says while Taiwan lags behind other countries in vaccine development, vaccines could debut next year and Taiwan would be able to extend a helping hand to other countries if its vaccines turn out to be good. French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian recently said Taiwan is a partner of France and a member of the global community, and he supports Taiwan's participation in international organizations.


美國在台協會前理事主席 卜睿哲表示:「如果我們現在決定要駐軍台灣,我猜測,北京方面將承受巨大壓力,會要求中止,或取消與美國的外交關係。」


外交部拉美司長 俞大㵢表示:「我們擔心中國,將使用疫苗,做為一項武器,來誘使更多的國家,轉向中國。」

美國國務院西半球事務局首席副助卿 鍾茱莉表示:「中共一開始,就隱瞞疫情資訊,因此,不論北京現在送出多少口罩,我想許多區域、國家,甚至是世界各地,都對(中國疫苗品質)抱持懷疑。」