One Person Killed After Bus Drives Onto Sidewalk|駕駛打瞌睡肇禍 公車開上人行道釀1死1傷

A bus accident occurred in Taipei City's Neihu District on the evening of Sept. 21. A bus operated by Sanchung Bus drove onto a sidewalk, knocked over 24 scooters, and killed a pedestrian. The driver is believed to have fallen asleep while driving.

Passengers scream as the bus veers out of control and drives onto a sidewalk. This accident involving a bus servicing the Blue 26 route and operated by Sanchung Bus occurred at around 8 p.m. on Sept. 21 in Taipei's Neihu District. Footage taken from outside the bus showed how it plowed into an entire row of parked scooters like a bowling ball.

Is he dead? Can we get off already? Wait a moment, wait a moment.

I heard a noise, a thump, and then I saw the bus driving onto the sidewalk.

No passengers were injured, but the bus hit a pedestrian on the sidewalk before hitting a police officer on patrol. The pedestrian, who was in his 50s, died at the scene. The police officer suffered multiple injuries but remained conscious. He was sent to a hospital but has already been discharged. Following the accident, the driver confessed that he had dozed off.

The driver was overwhelmed by the incident, and hasn't been able to answer any questions. He did say he was feeling lethargic and dozed off.

Sanchung Bus provided driver records after the accident, showing that the driver had complied with the seven days of work, one day of rest regulation. His daily shift lasted seven to seven and a half hours, and he did not overwork. The driver also did not inform the company that he was feeling unwell or was taking medication. The company will pay compensation to the family of the pedestrian. Meanwhile, Taipei City's Department of Transportation fined the bus company.

It must immediately conduct a driving safety inspection, and then instruct all its drivers about driving safety. We will also deduct points from this company's performance evaluation and fine it NT$90,000 in accordance with the Highway Act.

The department added that the deduction of points from performance evaluations will affect future route applications and subsidies. The incident is under investigation for negligent death.


肇事司機 vs. 乘客:「死了啦!趕快!(可以下車了嗎?)等一下,等一下。」



三重客運協理 高燦煌表示:「那因為駕駛員,他感到非常地驚嚇,一直沒有辦法,有正常地回答。但是他只有說,他有精神不濟,有打瞌睡的狀況。」


台北市公共運輸處副處長 尚錦堂表示:「(業者)必須立刻去做一個,行車安全專案的檢查。然後也會跟所有駕駛員,去做行安一個專案的宣導。那另外我們對這個公司的部分,也會把他納入評鑑扣分,另外開立一張公路法,九萬元的罰單。」