DPP Candidate Interested in Working with NPP?|高市長補選 傳陳其邁陣營將延攬黃捷

C. Chuang
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The Democratic Progressive Party has already selected Chen Chi-mai as its candidate for Kaohsiung City's mayoral by-election, while the Kuomintang won't announce its candidate until after June 24.

Former Kaohsiung City Civil Affairs Bureau Director-General Tsao Huan-jung, a member of the Han Kuo-yu camp, arrived at the Kaohsiung City Election Commission on the morning of June 18 to get the application form to run in the city's mayoral by-election. He said he didn't inform Han that he was going to run.

I meet society's expectations of being young, local and experienced, and I think city residents are willing to see the Kuomintang change and progress.

The Kuomintang is not expected to announce its candidate for the by-election until after its Central Standing Committee meeting on June 24. Kaohsiung City Councilor Li Ya-ching, who was the first person to express an interest in the nomination, was accompanied by fellow KMT Councilor Chiu Yu-hsuan and youth industry representatives as she held a press conference to announce her intent to run.

Why can't we Kaohsiung people choose a Kaohsiung born and bred person to be our mayor? Why don't you have confidence in Kaohsiung natives?

The by-election will take place in less than two months' time. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has already announced Chen Chi-mai as its candidate and there are reports that he will ask New Power Party (NPP) Councilor Huang Jie to join his team. The DPP's Kaohsiung office said the team may possibly be cross-party and cross-region, and Chen will announce the final list of names.

There are really a lot of talents within the Democratic Progressive Party and political parties in Taiwan. Many of them are young people, and city residents welcome them. The candidate will be the one to make the final announcement.

Huang issued a statement saying she does not rule out working with the DPP and that the NPP supports Chen.


高雄市前民政局長 曹桓榮表示:「我符合在地年輕、有經驗的社會期待,我相信市民也願意看到,國民黨的改變跟進步。」


國民黨高雄市議員 李雅靜表示:「為什麼我們高雄人不能選擇,我們高雄真正自己高雄在地的人?當我們的市長,為什麼你們不能相信我們高雄人?」


民進黨高雄市黨部主委 趙天麟表示:「我們不管在民進黨內,還是在整個台灣派的跨黨派之間,人才真的很多。而且很多的年輕人才,其實都很受到市民的歡迎,應該把這個最後的宣布,留給候選人宣布。」