State-owned Banks Hiking Loan Processing Fees|企業紓困貨款手續費高 銀行變相加息

The business sector is also in dire need of all the help it can get, including applying for bailout loan. However, it's reported that some private banks charge excessively high processing fees on these applications, which increase the cost of borrowing for those who are already desperate. The Financial Supervisory Commission says it will announce on a cap on processing fees soon.

Many companies applying for bailout loans have discovered state-owned banks are charging sky-high processing fees, which equates to hiked interest rates. The Financial Supervisory Commission says it will set "reasonable" processing fee amounts and percentages.

Since (Fubon can cut its processing fee) from NT$80,000 to NT$3,000 -- deciding when to such a (processing fee) percentage came about. Processing fees have of course been waived for some small-amount (loans). If you're talking about other parts, I think we will do our best to not -- for processing fees to have a cap of NT$10,000. We will probably set this rule in the next day or two.

Although Taiwan's stock market has been relatively stable, neither the export industry nor publicly traded companies are faring well. With the TAIEX surpassing 11,000 points on the 11th, many believe the eight major state-owned banks and four public pension funds are fixing numbers to look good before Tsai Ing-wen's inauguration on May 20. FSC Commissioner Wellington Koo says while the service, airline and tourism industries have been most affected by the pandemic, the market is stable because the manufacturing industry has not completely withered and financial restrictions have been relaxed.

Even though export volume is low and publicly traded companies aren't performing well, Taiwan's stock market is stable. People don't understand why. Based on Q1 profits, there has been some growth. It's not all bad news. Some industries are performing well. So, that's why we are performing better than some of our neighboring countries.

Asked if he expects to keep his post after the Cabinet reshuffle, Koo said that was up to Tsai and Premier Su Tseng-chang and he doesn't feel one way or the other.


民進黨立委 林楚茵 vs.金管會主委 顧立雄表示:「(既然(富邦銀紓困手續費)可以從8萬砍到3千,決定甚麼時候,有這樣一個(手續費)比例出來?) 在小額的部分,當然有一些已經採免收了嘛,如果說其他的這個部分的話,是認為盡量不要,以超過1萬為上限,我們應該是這一、兩天就會訂出來。」


國民黨立委 曾銘宗 vs. 金管會主委 顧立雄表示:「在出口衰退還有上市櫃公司,營收衰退情況底下,國內的股市表現相對穩健。(外界有點看不懂啦!) 如果從第一季的獲利狀況來看,是有一些有成長,並不是全然是衰退的,所以產業面的分布來看,有一些產也表現的還不錯,所以體質相對來講,會比一些相對鄰近其他國家來的好。」