Man Who Killed Railway Police Officer Found Innocent|刺死鐵路警嫌犯 "精神問題"一審無罪

In 2019, Railway Police Bureau police officer Li Cheng-han was killed aboard a train by a man surnamed Cheng over a ticket dispute. On April 30, the Chiayi District Court ruled that Cheng was innocent, saying he is exempt from capital punishment and life imprisonment on the grounds that he suffers from psychosis. Li's parents disagreed with the ruling.

Li Cheng-han's father was supported by friends and family as he departed Chiayi District Court. On April 30, the court ruled that the man who had killed Li, a Railway Police Bureau police officer, was innocent. Li's father disagreed.

(Is there a big difference compared to what you were expecting?) Way, way too far from what I expected.

Li was killed on July 3, 2019 aboard a Taiwan Railways train at Chiayi Station by a man surnamed Cheng over a ticket dispute. Chiayi District Court explained that the panel of judges believed Cheng was suffering from a psychotic episode at the moment of the murder and was not able to judge his own actions. It therefore ruled that he was innocent based on Article 19-1 of the Criminal Code.

When the conductor asked the defendant to get off the train while it was at Chiayi Station, the defendant was delusional and said the conductor and other passengers were trying to harm him. He was talking gibberish. All of this was captured by other passengers on their phones. This was sufficient evidence to show that the defendant's mental state was extremely unstable at that moment, which severely affected his cognitive and comprehensive abilities.

The court also said the defendant is no longer in custody, and it has ordered him to undergo medical treatment for his psychosis as he could pose a danger to society and to avert a similar incident from occurring. It also set bail at NT$500,000.


李承翰父親表示:「(會不會跟當初想的差太多?) 一萬八千里。」


嘉義地方法院發言人 洪裕翔表示:「被告在嘉義火車站,經列車長要求下車的時候,被告妄想列車長,以及車上乘客要害他,然後語無論次。這些過程都被乘客用手機拍下,足認被告當時精神狀態,是處於極度不穩的情況,嚴重影響其認知及理解能力。」