Three Suspects Arrested After Attack on Bookstore Founder|林榮基昨遭潑漆 3嫌落網.警續追共犯

Three suspects related to the paint attack incident of Hong Kong bookseller Lam Wing-kee have been arrested. Some believe the suspects threw red paint on him because of his fundraising project to open a bookstore in Taiwan. Lam took Hong Kong singer and activist Denise Ho as an example, saying the paint attack is not an individual case and China may be the culprit.

Why did you spray paints on Lam? Did the Chinese government put you up to it?

Two suspects who were involved in throwing paint on Hong Kong bookseller Lam Wing-kee were arrested in Kaohsiung early morning on April 22nd and were brought back to Zhongshan Police Precinct in Taipei in the morning. On April 21st, the suspect followed Lam into a coffee shop in an alley on Section One of Zhongshan Road in Taipei and threw red paint from a beverage cup on Lam while he was sitting down. Lam's hair and arms still had strong paint smell the next day.

I didn't know the police in Taipei have arrested the suspects this morning, so I was a bit worried when I went out. Who knows what would happen today?

Lam was still terrified from the paint attack. It is rumored that the suspects' motive was that they were dissatisfied by the way Lam has fundraised to open the bookstore in Taiwan. Lam was helpless and said the fundraising idea came from the documentary director Lee Hui-ren and Lee has fundraised for his own documentary films in the past. In other words, he didn't see a causal relationship between the two.

It is unreasonable (that the paint attack is related to the fundraising). (I believe) China asked proxy in Taiwan to carry out such attack. We should really address this problem.

Hong Kong singer Denise Ho was attacked with paint by the Unionist Party last year while she was in Taiwan and now Lam is threatened. Although the interrogation is still ongoing, Lam said this is definitely not an individual case and that the problem of China proxy cannot be neglected.



台灣銅鑼灣書店店長 林榮基表示:「早上不知道台灣、台北警察,已經把嫌疑犯抓到了,出去我當然是有點擔心,我怎麼知道今天會發生什麼事?」


前台灣銅鑼灣書店店長 林榮基表示:「這是不合理,大陸找台灣的代理人做這個事情,這是不是要真的要把它(中共代理人問題)解決掉?」


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